New eBay error? The UPC field is missing

“The UPC field is missing. Please add UPC to the listing and try again.”

I just started getting this “error” on SOME items when relisting items that I have been relisting for months. This is for “New” items that are very old and DO NOT have a UPC Barcode. I’m pretty sure this is an eBay “error”… Although, if I then do the Relist, the items actually DO get relisted. Anyone else seeing this new? error??? On eBay USA.


Now, today, I can relist old items with this error, but… I can NOT Start a new listing…

How do you now list “old” items without a UPC code that are “Brand New in Factory Sealed Box/Package”???


I’m now consistently getting this “error” for “New” Condition items with a 12 digit Barcode. Happens every time. But the listing DOES get re-listed and the UPC code DOES show up on eBay…

But, if I try to Start a “New” Condition listing with a barcode, I also sometimes get this error and can not Start even with a Barcode. I change the condition to Used, then Revise the listing to New.

Seems like the UPC/Barcode is not being sent when the listing is being verified.

Although, the Preflight window SOMETIMES does NOT show the error… Strange…

Something has changed in 9.0 with the Barcode field and being sent to eBay.


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