Ebay's Out of Stock Preference (follow up)

Mainly for @fedege96.
As you know, if the ‘Out of Stock’ preference has been switched on automatically by Ebay, an item that ends during this period is incorrectly labelled as ‘An Active listing with bids or sales’, as below.

To correct this I have worked out:

  1. Update the listing with
    Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.21.57 pm

  2. Once done ‘Stop’ the listing.

3 A few minutes later it will appear as SOLD

Not sure about the re-listed by Ebay symbol on the right though. (At least I think that is what it means).
Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 3.32.10 pm

Ilja. Is there any way for force remove the restarted icon?

Hi David,
thanks for updating. I had in mind to open such a thread because I was doing some experiments last days and I discovered that due to eBay “out of stock” bug, GS does not recognize the listing as sold (somehow it is like a multiple-quantity listing with 1 unit sold). So if you have auto-end-and-restart features enabled, GS risks to relist those listings. This is a big problem, @ilja what do you think about this?

Icon means automatic-end feature is enabled. So look out!

I hav all my auto restarts tuned OFF at the moment but I do have auto cancellation ON

I will just run with this for a month or so and see how it behaves. If all is good I will probably turn auto restart on SLOWLY. Ilja has made some changes to this in one of the recent versions but I am still taking a cautious approach.

Dead right Federico. If you are aware of the issue it can be managed but it is time consuming.

If you are not aware of it……

Moreover, if the item is sold as soon as before the end date (often users filter listings by ending time), GS closes and relists the sold item because we don’t have enough time to manually end the eBay listing (maybe during night).

One solution might be preventing GS from auto ending listings which are “active with sales or offers”. This would be very important to implement, let’s do an example.

  • I have 5 copies of a book
  • 3 copies sell within the end date of the GTC listings
  • GS anyway ends the listing (if auto restarts is enabled) and restart

This is not good because an active listings with active sales stays higher in ebay search engine. Moreover, if GS ends listings “active with sales or offers”, we loose the purchase history!

What do you think @ilja about adding a sort of option like “do not automatically end listings with offers or sales” ?

I report a GS bug I just discovered about the out of stock issue.

  • create a smart folder and filter with “status is active with sales or offers”: I expected it to show those listings which eBay keeps active. It didn’t
  • so I went to one listing and noticed the quantity box was unchecked BUT the greyed unit was 3
  • I modified the smart folder adding “quantity is 3” and here they are correctly displayed

Maybe is this somehow the reason of the out of stock eBay bug?? Why does GS consider those listings as “quantity stock = 3” if the quantity box is unchecked?

You wont lose the purchase history. It is saved in the “cart” side of GS. I duplicated all 7,000 listings and deleted the sold listings to clean up my files and the customer and sales information is still in GS.Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 10.32.53 PM

I don’t mean orders, I mean the purchase history on eBay:

This is lost if GS ends and relists listings with active sales. You also loose the high position in eBay search engine.

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