Issue with multiple quantity listings and auto relist feature

I would like to report in a proper thread the issue with auto ending and relisting features and multiple quantity listings (following this thread Ebay's Out of Stock Preference (follow up) - #6 by fedege96 ). This really needs a fix.

In few words, if you use these GS features, GS automatically ends and relists all listings, also those with multiple quantity items and one (or more) sold units. This is wrong because you loose sales history and also visibility in ebay search engine. This is not the only problem. You also risk to restart sold items which GS wrongly considers as “active with sales and offers” due to out of stock eBay bug.

GS should give us the possibility to choose if auto ending and relisting is applied or not to multiple quantity listings with sales. Without this feature, we all really risk to relist sold items and having many troubles with customers.

@ilja is this something that can be fixed somehow in 9 version? This worry prevents me from starting with full work with GS feature of ending and restarting. All other features are extremely nice. I want to leave a Mac always on in my office automatically closing and restarting listings every day and night, but I cannot afford GS to restart sold items… I hope you could find a solution.

Thanks for any advice

It is a real issue for me as well Federico. I suspect the real issue lies with Ebay but we know how hopeless they are at providing fixes to issues. Maybe GS can help though.

How about this one?

I reckon time remaining is 1 day plus 53 minutes. Not 53mins. These auctions ended a day early before bidding was complete. Or am I having a Senior’s moment?

Something like that happened to me last year when solar hour changed. I had lots of auctions scheduled to finish as 9 pm. eBay decided they had to end 1 hour before because the solar hour change, so they ended at 8 pm. There are no other sites I use for work which are full of bugs like eBay. Let’s see what @ilja thinks about this.

You shouldn’t be ending auctions early only 30 day GTC listings. Many buyer snipe or bid in the last 5 seconds and if you are cancelling 1 hour before those bids then you lose them. Also canceling auctions means you are cancelling bids placed on your items and loose the sale.

Hi Richard
Thanks for responding
They were Auction types set to 10 days and were not ending early - at least according to my GS settings. It is something on EBay that is causing the issue.

I guess David wanted to report another of the numerous bugs of eBay. I guess none would close auctions before their end! Does GS leave the “auto-end” feature enabled also if the listing type is auction ?!

No. It gives you a warning to tell you that you are ending an auction early. I removed any of these conflicts quite some time back.

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I am just worried I might forget some auctions with this auto-end feature enabled… it would be very frustrating!! Which is the sense of auto-ending on auction type listings @ilja ?

This should prevent that happening, @fedege96

Hi David,
this might be a prevention, but not a solution. If you forget to check the smart group or if listings in GS are not properly updated, you risk to leave this feature on and let GS ending auctions. I mean, this feature should be automatically turned off if the listings type is auction. It’s like duration. If you set “auction”, durations GTC or 30 days are automatically disabled; if you set “buy it now”, 10 days duration is automatically disabled by GS. At the same time, auto-end feature should be turned off it listing type is auction. This would be a solution against troubles (besides all, none would ever use the auto-end feature on an auction…).

I have no problems with your solution

Regards David
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Let’s see what @ilja thinks about this matter

I’m afraid I don’t yet fully understand what the issue(s) you are seeking a solution for a.

As far as I know, the “relist” command in eBay is specifically designed to carry over certain parts and search score over. If you are afraid of loosing search score, maybe keeping the original listing running is the way to go.

I don’t think that’s true. If the “keep out of stock listings running” option is active, GarageSale never notices your listing has sold out, and won’t restart it automatically.

GarageSale 9 allows you to create custom validation rules when starting listings in JavaScript. You could setup that check if “auto-cancel” is setup for an action and prevent such items from being listed.

On a multiple quantity listing that has the cancel and relist feature set, if 1 sells you have 4 left. Ebay boosts that listing in searches that has 4 left so a seller wants to keep it running and not be cancelled and relisted. As sales are occurring I have a smart group set up and turn off the cancel feature so the original listing that has items left to sell continues to run and not be cancelled. fedege96 was GS to disable the cancel and relist feature so the listings with sales continue to run so as to not loose the ebay search boost

Are you saying, there should be an option in the auto-cancel settings to not perform the auto-cancel if the listing had sales, e.g. a checkbox reading “Only auto-cancel if no sales” ?


Hi Ilja,

@rlmartin pointed out exactly what I wanted to say.

Uhm… maybe I didn’t explained it correctly. When an item is sold, due to the ebay bug with “out of stock” items, GS marks it as “active with sales or bids”. It is not a sold listing, so if the auto-restart feature is enabled, GS will end and relist it although you already sold the unique unit available. Listings with active offers or sales have an end time so they will be relisted. Please check photo:

@ilja please let me know if this is better explained.


YESSS exactly :pray:

eBay Listing JavaScript properties:

I don’t see a property for “auto-cancel”, nor “auto-restart”…

Although, the Smart Group editor has both of these values.


Smart folder are an excellent tool when you need to filter for a specific search, but they cannot be a solution for automated processes (like auto-ending). You risk to forgot checking smart folders, moreover listings might be not updated causing several troubles.
Concerning javascript, unfortunately I am not able to use…

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