Ended & Deleted Listings from Garage Sale Remain in eBay for Sale

An ongoing problem has reemerged for me. What shows to be listed in Garage Sale is not what is actually listed in eBay. In this case, items which I had ended and deleted in GS remain in eBay- which means customers can buy items we are out of (which is a big risk for our company’s reputation), and I am currently trying to raise pricing.

Relisting the item in GS is not working because I’m being told by eBay “This item cannot be assessed, because the listing has been deleted, is a half.com listing, or you are not the seller”

Duplicating and starting an auction doesnot work because “This looks like a listing for an item you already have on eBay”

I have done a search in GS, and the hidden item doesn’t show. I have attempted to hold control when relaunching GS to show orphaned listings, and the hidden item doesn’t show.

This is affecting our reliability and our accurate pricing, and has been an ongoing problem for the past year or so. Please help ASAP. Thanks!

@Gongs-Unlimited , is (was) this listing using the “auto-relist” feature?

No, this item’s quantity is set at “1”, so it needs to be manually relisted.

Mmmh I don’t understand why it would need to be manually relisted… anyway, it was just to be sure you were not in my same boat, I have a very very similar problem (already written here many times) but is appears (sometimes) after listings (qty=1) have been automatically relisted…

In this case, we sold the item on our own website, so it was manually ended a while ago, and now it needs relisted because we have the item back in stock.

However, other items (such as the set of 4 mallets in screen shot above) simply needed price adjustments, and to my chagrin, the item now has two listings…one with the older, lower price, and one that is current. Where did the old listing come from, when I only see one listing in GS?

Ah I see now… and the listing of set of 4 mallets is a GTC? Still doesn’t use auto-restart?

Correct. Because we have other sales channels we do not often have auto-restart going. Only a few of our items.

@ilja, @kristian, @mathis, @paul

This is a very serious problem that effects us, and several other users of GS, it appears. Our company is losing money due to this (pricing not updating due to old item still remaining in eBay), and items are up for sale on eBay that we are stopping on GS.

Please respond so that this can be resolved. I have left the current glitches up on eBay, so that we can work through it together. Please let me know what I can provide for you to help.

I am using the most current version of GS, sorry I omitted that originally.

I’m not entirely sure I’m understanding this issue.

A listing is running on eBay, which you started on GarageSale. GarageSale is now showing the listing as stopped, while eBay still shows it as running?

If that’s the case, do you still have such a running listing on eBay? Can you send a link as well as a screenshots from the running listing inspector in GS? Thanks.

You are correct. Here are the three items in one mallet section I noticed should not be listed, but are:


I’m not sure what the “running listing inspector is”, so I will send you the section these items should be in, and also a search:

Interesting, it seems you have the problem of the missing zoom too… first listing doesn’t have the zoom, the second one yes. It (might) mean that the first listing has been listed in the past 1-2 weeks… is it possible?

They appear to be started on the same day - Jun 01, 2017.

Can you export any of the listings that are running on eBay but shown as ended in GarageSale and send me the exported file?

There are several if, not dozens scattered about in eBay, I imagine. I only happened to come across the three in this one mallet section, and as this has been a re-occurring problem believe there are more…But we have over 1,000 active listings, so finding them all would be very difficult.
Should I go ahead and send you just the three I know of?

A single listing would be enough for now.

I went ahead and included the 3 mallets that should not be up for sale, as per Garage Sale. Thanks!

FileExchange_Response_39554596.csv.zip (7.5 KB)

Sorry, the CSV export doesn’t help me. Can you please use the “File” > “Export Listings” command and try again?

You are asking for an export from eBay, not Garage Sale, correct?

This was the more detailed export file I could get off of eBay, after calling their customer service, the guy said this was one of two possible exports I could get, and the other was less detailed.

No, I’m asking for an export from GarageSale.

One of the items (The chakra mallet set) is being listed twice, even though only one listing exists in Garage Sale.

Sending you an exported file of an item that IS listed in GS (such as the CH 3 Mallet or the CH 4 Mallet) isn’t going to really help you identify the problem, I fear.

Because I am concerned, not so much about items that are “stopped listings” or “sold listings” which glitch and are available…but more concerned that I don’t even KNOW what is up in eBay anymore because they do not appear in GS. Please refer to the Set of 4 mallets. There is only one of these sets listed in GS, but 2 in eBay. This is most concerning, and I can’t export you a file that doesn’t exist in GS.