Ended & Deleted Listings from Garage Sale Remain in eBay for Sale

It would help because I could compare GarageSale’s internal state of these listing with what’s online on eBay.

Here are the export files for the CH 3 and the CH 4 mallets. I hope they can help you.

I still don’t know how they will help you figure out this issue I raised?

Exported listings - Chakra Mallets CH3 CH4.gslisting.zip (968.6 KB)

I imported your atttached listings and also checked your CH3 and CH4 listing online at eBay.
As far as I can tell these are all different listing, they all have a different eBay item ID!

CH3 on eBay, item ID: 282504906300
CH3 listing in GarageSale (ended), item ID: 272296633604

CH4 on eBay, item ID: 272697559402
CH4 listing in GarageSale (ended), item ID: 282089896093

So, the listings in your GarageSale are different “versions” of the listings on eBay. You maybe relisted/started them outside GarageSale or you relisted/started them from within GarageSale but then deleted them by accident and keep the other, ended ones.

Regards, Kristian

Okay, that makes some sense to me, though I thought if I updated “all orders” and “all listings” that there was a synchronizing process that occurred. Thanks for letting me know.

In the case with the two single mallets, it’s not not nearly as big of a deal as the case of the set of 4 chakra mallets. The item which was listed Jun 01, 2017 wasn’t showing up at all in GS. Why is that? It happens often enough that I can’t be confident we actually have the items available which are listed.

You could try to use the “Import from My eBay” command use the “Hide already imported”-checkbox (sprocket button) to import the eBay listings, that GarageSale doesn’t know about.

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