ERROR 21919301- UPC is missing a value. Enter a value and try again

Hi there,

I searched for solutions but I cant seem to find anything that works. So far I tried going into preferences to update the categories and hit the download button. That didn’t fix the problem. I never use UPC or barcode I always leave it empty but suddenly I am getting this error. It doesn’t allow me to list anything new or relist anything on GarageSale. 90% of my items are in the Clothing Category (Athletic Apparel). Please help!


In the inspector where it says barcode type in “N/A” and see if it will veryify. Be sure to leave out the quotes.

What version of GarageSale are you running?

If you don’t have a UPC code, GarageSale should automatically put in a substitution code for you that should silence the error you are getting from eBay.

Thanks I will try that.

I am using Version 6.9.7 (625)
No problems for the past few months leaving the Barcode empty but suddenly today I am having problems

Can you please export your listing template and send it to me for investigation?

Sure I can send but I tried uploading 1 exported listing and its too big to upload here.
I tried the suggested method from the other user by inputing N/A and it works. But it is a hassle to do that for each listing it would be great to get it solved.

Do you have another method for me to send?


If you create a master template and set the barcode to “N/A” then go into preferences and drag the template to where it says “Copy all settings from this listing:” it will automatically input the “N/A” into the barcode field everytime you create a new listing!

I was able to upload your listings without errors using the latest beta of GarageSale 6.9.8, which is available here:

So I guess this problem is already fixed, we just didn’t release the fix to the General public yet.

Same problem. I just downloaded 6.9.8b6 as linked by ilja… still doesn’t work.

I was able to copy and paste some UPCs into the barcode field but nothing I can do will make any template with a variation work… Even if I have UPCs

UPCs and variations are a different story. You need GarageSale 7 for this to work:

Im trying to list variations with a few colours and no matter what i try i keep getting this error 21919301 UPC is missing a value. Enter a value and try again.

I’ve tried a few fixes but nothing seems to work. including updating the categorys putting N.A in the barcode box

hmmm. thats crap... Im using an old mac with 10.7.5. SO i`m not able to use S7 right?


Unfortunately yes. You’ll need a Mac capable of running OS X 10.10 at least.