Feature Request: Order status of DELIVERED

Asking for a feature in the ORDERS area to tell if an item has been delivered. It appears to be offered by eBay as indicated in the attached screenshot. Thanks!! Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.40.12 AM.png

Thanks for the idea. I believe that state was not available when we designed GS 7.

How is the ‘delivered’ state triggered? Does eBay set it when you submitted your tracking number?

I can only assume so. To date, and since using GS7, I’ve shipped everything USPS. The smallest package I’ve shipped was $3.00 shipping which included a tracking number. I then went back to GS7 and plugged in my tracking number and picked USPS as shipping. GS7 then updated itself as shipped. I then send customer an email message that I shipped item and include the tracking number in the message. So, I assume when GS7 syncs up with eBay, eBay’s tracking number gets updated which will track until delivered.
Again, I say assume because I’ve been doing everything via GS7, Scout, GarageBuy, etc. and not directly through eBay.
Hope this helps.

Les, do you ship through Ebay? Pete

Uhm @les, and why not easily create smart folder? Maybe I did not get the “new feature” request, but in my opinion it is much better seeing all “shipped/not shipped”-“feedback left/not” in a smart folder that contains all corresponding listings. Or are you referring to the window that shows the tracking process? If so, ebay.uk give this possibility, I suppose .com too, but there is nothing like that in .it, at least from what I could see…

I don’t ship through eBay.

I have smartfolders for Waiting for Feedback and Leave Feedback. I typically don’t give feedback until I’ve given the customer sufficient time to leave feedback for me, and after a couple reminders to them.
So, I have this Smartfolder sitting there that says Waiting for Feedback. When I see that folder, my first question is Hmmmm, I wonder if what I shipped them actually got there. That’s where I thought it would be nice if there were something that indicated it was delivered. If there were, I’d have a Smartfolder for Not Delivered. When it WAS delivered, eBayUS would updat, GS7 would sync and update, then it would drop out of Not Delivered and then drop into Waiting for Feedback. I would change my Waiting for Feedback criteria to Status:Complete, Shipped:Yes, Delivered:Yes, Feedback Received:No. That way, I know I’m just waiting on them and not the delivery mechanism. Make sense?

I see now. It works only if you ship with tracked mail and, if dispatched abroad, that tracking is updated anyway. Registered mail here is not always marked as delivered although it has been, happens usually when dispatching overseas (to America). So this would make sense for those seller who always use couriers or tracked mail.

What Les has proposed here is exactly what I have been thinking about and come here to see if there is any info on it - an easy way to track shipped/delivered and feedback received

Adding tick boxes in the ‘Order Status’ area of GS which also indicates ‘Delivered’ and ‘Feedback Received’ which autofill and sync when this info is available would be great also!

I see how this feature would be very useful, but if the delivered status is only received from eBay for some shipping services, I can also see that as a source of confusion for customers, who are wondering why they shipment never get ‘delivered’. :thinking:

Are there many shipping services that the status is not received for? The services that I use in the UK are all supported but I appreciate that it is not 100% complete and you need to consider the bigger picture also :slight_smile:

The ‘feedback received’ feature would be a very good addition as it would help determine who you need to follow up with via email to try and get them to provide feedback - if the order delivered was included somehow it would close the whole order process off and finalise it as a 100% complete order which would be nice.

Almost all, philm … @ilja pointed out my doubts…

OMG… $3-00 shipping… Id kill for that… the cheapes in Australia by the Ebay Satche 500grams is $7-75… which has tracking…

I constant;y use Ebay Australia satchels, as they also include tracking… but have noticed a few problems of items being shippe dto small country towns, who either forget to re-scan the satchel when it is delivered or dont have the equipment… and the items remains in the “Transit” status for ages… especialy when the person does not leave feedback… (still Paypaly accpet that it was sent, andwont deduct the item from me)… so there is lots of loopholes with the postal system still to be “worked out”… Sandy

Sandy, I know. We take ALOT for granted here in the US. I try to remember that everyday.

cant wait for the day Australia becomes the 51st state… (Australia is where you parked the Jeeps during the war… hahah)

the services and prices you get over there are legendary… In Australia you almost have to double the price on anything… no joking… No other company in Australia had the purchasing powere to to to Australia post and make a deal fro a posting satchell at that price. (eg. a under 500 gram item posted in a normal satchel (saying the item is thicker that 15mm, will cost $7.50 postage alone, and the $1.50 for the bag, and then $3.95 to add tracking… that is why the ebay satchels in Australia are such a bargain… but they at present do do postage overseas to places aout side of Australia. (When I was in NY in 1999 i was using the famous M-Bag (Mail bag, bulk postage cost, and sending 15kg’s them back to Australia for the cost less tahan posting 3Kg internal in Australia…)
regards, Sandy

The same here (Italy). Ebay shipping program is useful only to dispatch parcels, not mails. And the troubles concerning the tracking come out with mail that many courier do not accept (or accept with absurd prices), so we have to dispatch with poste italiane which is a nightmare. 3$ is really nothing, a mail up to 20 grams (GRAMS) to the US costs 2,20€, up to 50 grams 3,70€… and this is economy postage, not racked. Registered (and tracked) mail costs 7,80€ until 20 GRAMS and 10,05€ up to 50 gr… and it is rarely marked as delivered when dispatched to USA, Germany, Austria, …
Yesterday evening I finished some fiscal calculation for past 6 months, I spent more than 2200€ of shipping and only a very little part is for tracked mail, so… at least here, this feature of GS would be a pain…

Here in the USA we use USPS. They loose billions and BILLIONS a year and don’t have to make a profit so I can ship 4 ounces for $2.61 and up to 8 ounces for $2.77.

[quote=“rlmartin, post:18, topic:3644”]
They loose billions and BILLIONS a year and don’t have to make a profit


The USPS has had problems since the Republicans passed a law that makes them pay for retirement benefits 75 years in advance, basically paying for benefits of employees that aren’t even born yet. This was done in an effort to break the back of the post office, allowing it to be taken over by UPS or FEDEX or some other private company, which would then result in super expensive postage, less deliveries and the selling off of all that juicy real estate that the Post Office owns - why have a post office in the middle of town when we can put it out on cheap land in the middle of nowhere? Who cares if it’s not convenient?

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