Feedback Smart Groups

I have a question about how the feedback smart groups work. There is a LEAVE FEEDBACK smart group and I made a FEEDBACK NOT RECEIVED smart group.
Do these groups update somehow? The numbers don’t seem to change after the action has been done. Once someone leaves feedback for me they are not taken out of the smart group. For my FEEDBACK NOT RECEIVED smart group, my settings are:
All the Following are true:
Feedback Received/Is/No

Is there something im missing?
Also is there a way to automatically remove old auctions from smart folders. They are pulling stuff from all the way back in 2016

Here is something that might resolve this issue.

First, if possible, upgrade to the latest beta of GarageSale 8.1. If I recall correctly, it fixes some quirks with updating orders smart groups correctly when new orders arrive:

GarageSale 8.1 Beta 11 Released

Since this won’t cure problems with older orders, please start GarageSale with holding the Control key down, and select the “Rebuild Indexes” option from the Debug panel.

Then open the each of the Feedback smart groups and close them with the “OK” button. This should repopulate them from the database indexes you just re-build.

Any better now?

I am using GS 7.0.20.
Will this work the same on this version?

As far as I remember these debug options are available in GarageSale 7 as well.

Regards, Kristian

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