Free listings showing as £0.35 listing fee

I have not yet used my 20 free monthly listings, but when I choose ‘Start Auction’, it calculates the listing fee as £0.35. I’ve checked I haven’t got any extras added. Does anyone know why this isn’t showing as a free listing?


GarageSale can only reflect the listing price information it gets from eBay.
Special prices and discounts are often not in those info we get.
The actual price charged by eBay is the same though as if you start your auction
via the eBay web interface (except for special promo discounts which are only available when you start the auction through the eBay website directly!).

I always like to test one first and then look in my ebay sellers account just to be sure that they charged me the correct amount.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,
Same issue for me. I find the quoted paragraph from your answer confusing, especially what is in parenthesis. So, if one have some per month free listings:
a) should one create them directly on eBay?
b) will eBay not charge for those listings, even if they were listed through GarageSale which displayed some fee?

This issue seems a duplicate of
According it, the answer to my question should be case “b)”.

GS always show what should be charged for a listing. Your “My Ebay” page will account properly your 20 free listings. I get 1,000 free listings and 500 free auctions a month and GS always shows the fees when uploading. Ebay applies your discount and doesn’t charge you.