Seeing fees while creating a listing

Hello, and forgive me if this question has an obvious answer. Is there somewhere in Garage Sale 7 to see the exact fees before I Iaunch it, and while it is active?

I know that there is running fee at the top of the page, but is the breakdown of those fees hidden somewhere?

Just click on the “Start” button in the toolbar. The listing fees will be shown in the “Launch Control” window.
There you can click on the listing fee entry next to the title to get a list of all eBay fees.

Please see the video tutorial #6 here:

Regards, Kristian

Kristian, thank you very much.

So three follow-up questions:

  1. How do I look at that information on a listing that has already been started?
  2. My listings have a 30 cent “insertion fee”. Is this because I’m listing using Garage Sale? I was under the impression that the first 50 listings were free lately.
  3. I keep getting a warning about PayPal being my chosen method of payment. I KNOW it’s my chosen method of payment. Why do I need a warning?

Love the program, and the upgrades seem great (albeit a bit to get used to).

Select the active listing and switch to “Live” mode. In the Inspector on the right you’ll find the listing fees.

No. You don’t pay additional eBay fees if you’re using GarageSale.
Almost certainly you will not be charged. eBay’s API is notoriously bad when it comes to computing fees upfront. For some reason, the ignore there own policies and never give the correct price when the seller has a free quota.

My advice is to list a single listing with GarageSale, ignoring the whatever fees GarageSale shows you before and after the listing. Right after the listing go to the eBay website and verify that the listing was indeed free to list.

That’s a warning from the eBay system (not from GarageSale). Could you send me a screenshot so we can see what you see? Maybe you didn’t select PayPal in your payment options in your listing?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks so much for your prompt and helpful replies. Here’s a shot of the warning (and the fee—how annoying!) PayPal is selected in my Payment Profile on eBay.

20 PM

These two warnings from eBay can be ignored and you can list your item anyway.
It seems that you have defined PayPal as a default payment options in your settings on the “My eBay” website. In your payment profile you have selected, there’s probably no PayPal included as an option. That’s why eBay sends you that warning, I guess.

To add product information to your listing just open the Product panel and enter the product’s title or barcode.
(or ignore the warning)

Regards, Kristian

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