GaragePay stopped connecting

My GaragePay stopped working. Stopped connecting… since this morning. I did do an update on the Mac that had security updates early this morning. I am using 10.8.5 on our iMac and GaragePay 1.6.1

Now since this morning it never actually seems to update any information from PayPal.

I REALLY need this to run our business smoothly.

Do you know anything about this… I saw something from Garagesale being affected from a Security update

On my laptop which I have not updated it still works fine. I am really hoping you have an answer??

Have you tried following these instructions, but using instead of ?

Thank you I did figure out how to substitute for PayPal and now it is connecting once again. That is a big relief for me as we have a lot of sales every day and it would be awfully hard to enter these into a database without it