GarageSale 7 Beta 1 Released

Hi ilja thank you for your response, these are the images, i have adjusted the size with diffrent pixels but still would work. Many Thanks

im runing OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.3 (15D21) and im using Photos App wich comes with Mac Version1.3 (350.23.0) i can use this app on GarageSale Version 6.9.8b6 (631

I was able to upload your images to eBay with GS 7 without problems:

Maybe the image was altered through the upload/download process. Any chance you can export the original listing from GrageSale 7 and send it to me? Here is what you need to do:

  • in GS 7, select the listing in the outline view
  • Choose “Export Listings” from the “File” menu
  • Enter a name for the exported listing and save it to your desktop
  • Right click the exported file and choose “Compress *” from the context menu to turn the exported package into a zip
  • attach the zip file to a reply to this post.


Just to give you an Update after Resrating My Mac i can now confirm that the Media browser working fine , im now working on to send you zipe file it should be ready soon, also i do have a question- do i need to pay any update fees for GS7 ? can i just carry on using the GS 7 as normal ? or is this just testing the update version ?

Look for the very first post in this thread. The paragraph “Upgrades and Pricing” contains the necessary information.

I added some fall back mechanism, that might solve the image uploading issue in beta 2:

However, without your test data, I not 100% certain it will work. Please give it a try if you have the time.

i have ziped the file but the file im trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 10240kb) i was serching trough on google see if there is anyway in can minimize the Zip file but im not getting any further. or if you know any tips ?

i just listed an item on ebay with GS7 Link below pictures are working fine too, also i wanted Revise My Item Description but some reason it wont let me do any changes, do i have to go on ebay side to do Revise, because i have tried few diffrent Rivise options and im stuck on the same page and cant do any changes, mi doing somthing wrong ? i have large amount of stock coming next week, im not sure which one i want to use to list all my items weather GS 6 or GS 7 which is on Test at the moment, any advice ???

What’s happening exactly? Do you get an error message? Or is the revise panel just not doing anything?

Hi Ilja, Everything absolutely fine Revise is spot on no problem just had to figure out where the update button and how it works etc, i have spend many hours today and thank you for your support and help really aprricated, i love the new GS7 very friendly interface and ver smooth, i have just purchased the Garage pay, i love your work guys keep up with good work. just to one more think just give you feed back, are guys consdering creating and app like Scrolling Galley, which visitors can see other items its like Slidehow on the same page that can genarate great trafic for the sellers. i tought i better share with you guys.

Thank you all


In “Smart Groups” listing section, 99% of my items appeared “Ready to ship” and sold but it’s wrong… (Damned !)
It’s marked “Waiting for payment” in Orders Section.
The design is nice but the application is too low to load different section or groups. (I have no problem with GS6 with that).



I cant get the GS7 started however i can see the Menu Bar on the top it looks like the GS7 runing at background invisable, restarted my Mac and still i cant get it open and Menu Bars Remains on the top…!!!

Please restart your Mac and try restarting GarageSale. If it is still not fully coming up, can you please open the Console utility and look from output from GarageSale from the time you were trying to start it. Please keep that output and send it to me.

My guess is that you have resized the main window in a certain kind that breaks the layouting.

This sound like a bug in the GarageSale 6 importer to me. Any chance you can send us your GarageSale.sqlite file from GarageSale 6’s application support directory (thats’s your home folder under Library/Application Support/GarageSale – unless your are running the Mac App Store version)?

whay i cant see my E-Bay Live listing on GS7 ?

Ingnore the last post , thank you

So were you able to get GarageSale up and running again? One of your previous posts sounded like it wouldn’t start up anymore. Have you done anything special to solve the problem?

at first i have followed up your instruction and restarted my mac 3 times and finally strat runng again no idea what happened before weather it was bug or a glitch or somthing at the backgorund crashed, i was wonderin do you think runing GS6 and GS7 the same time that may cause issiue ?

I have been having an issue today, while trying to list footwear. I keep getting an error message telling me that the item specific for US Shoe Size (Men’s) is in the listing and variations. It tells me to delete either the Item Specific in the Listing itself or in the variations. I obviously want to keep the US Shoe Size in the variations but Garage Sale 7 is not giving me the option to remove the US Shoe Size(Men’s) from the item specifics.

Could you please tell me the Revise instruction on Live listing because everytime when i click on Revise it gives you option to choose to then you select the option such as Listing Title then you go to Edit Mode do the changes and update it this didnt work tryed to the other changes such price or Handling Time nothing changes, mi doing something wrong ?