GarageSale 7 Beta 18 Released

  1. App appears to select a design without being asked to. I see that this can be overridden but is odd default behavior.

  2. Certainly seems that STATUS ought to be clickable as a header sorting item. It isn’t.


That field shows either the current error count for the selected listings, or there are no errors the listing fees as computed by eBay. However, there’s a know bug where this field does not update the error count as you fix them in the selected listing.

When GarageSale is hanging, can you recored a “spin dump”. This post contains instructions on how get one:

Could you post a screenshot from GarageSale 6 that shows the feature you are talking about?

Is this happening for listings created via the “New Listing command”? Or listings you imported from GarageSale 6?

I’ll add this to our to do list.

Hi Ilja!

I should say that I do like the new design.

Yeah, that error count/cost thing is an odd item, isn’t it. It seems to take a very long time to calculate (if you highlight a lot of items), doesn’t have a pop tip to indicate its purpose, and suffers from a known bug?

I will attempt to capture a spin dump. We are using a rather beefy machine (for your information, Mac Pro, 5,1 32GB ram 3.33 6 core Xeon).

Here is a screen shot of the very useful image view of listings:

It would be a shame to lose this ability especially since the app has become so text heavy.

The unwanted design selection happens with our imported eBay listings. Did not import anything from 6.



Yeah. the crashing/lockup is pretty consistent when selecting a lot of files (in this case just by selecting a folder that encloses a lot of items). I earlier put a spin dump in the wrong thread but here it is:

and here is another:


Sorry, but GarageSale 7 is still in the beta stage. We have to do a lot more bug fixing and polishing before we’ll reach final state, but we are slowly getting there.

We are referring to this view as “image overview”. The good news is that is still in GarageSale 7, the bad news is that we are using an Apple component in GarageSale 7, which performs so poorly under OS X 10.10, that we had to only enable the image overview on OS X 10.11 or above.

Thanks, we look into this.

Thanks for your time sending in the crash dumps.

Hi Ilja,

Understood about the beta status, just offering feedback.

In the hopes that this helps, here is the procedure that generates the lockup:

First understand that I have 1618 listings that were all downloaded from eBay. I have placed all those listings in a single folder “Old Listings”.

I also have a few smart folders (Active (40 listings) , Sold (15), Unsold (1522).

If I want to lock up Garage Sale, I can open it and simply select the “Old Listings”–beachball will spin and app is locked. Same result if I simply select the Unsold smart folder.

HOWEVER if I open Garage Sale and first select the Active Smart folder (with only 40 listings), the behavior is as expected and THEN if I select one of the mega folders, the app USUALLY works as expected (it still occasionally locks but not too often).


Hi Ilja. I’ve encountered a few issues recently:

  • If you change the title of a listing, it doesn’t change in the top-right section of the scheduler. It does change on the list below.

  • If a template has errors during verification, then gets fixed, the preflight window won’t change to reflect this (at least not when the errors are related to attributes). I’m guessing this may be related to an issue you mentioned earlier with the warning sign.

  • I think eBay may have removed some of the listing enhancement options (“Pro Pack Plus” might be the only one…).

  • I see you can now duplicate and start a listing in one step, but it still isn’t very elegant for relisting unsold items. It doesn’t work with the scheduler, it requires more template than necessary. I’d be happy to just use the “automatic restart” function if I could trust it to only activate when the item doesn’t sell.

Thanks. We will look into this.

Can you provide a specific error scenario where you see this happening? Also, for some panels the errors are only updated after the panel has been closed.

I wish eBay would keep us in the loop about this changes. :frowning:

I did try closing the Preflight window, but when I retried verification it was the same.

So, it seems the window never changes unless I close and reopen GS 7. I just duplicated a listing and deleted all of the item attributes. When clicking the exclamation/warning next to attributes on the options pane, it works correctly. However, if I click on the button with the three dots (to the right of the “Start…” button) and select “Verify listing…” the Preflight window opens with old info. It’s still there even if I switch to another listing. From what I can tell, it only changes if shows up elsewhere with new data (like the warning next to attributes).

Do you have any other thoughts/ideas on this?

Hi Lance,

Can you please check the performance when selecting groups with many item with the just released Beta 19. Is it any faster now?

Hi Ila,

Yes, seems to be much more robust with large lists!


Sincerely with the B19 I noticed some delays with the selection groups, duplicate and rename the titles

Where does one go to see an auction that has been posted to eBay but doesn’t have any bids yet? I would like to see how many watchers there are, for example, and what the eBay ID number is.

That’s interesting, because these are exactly the areas where we think we made GarageSale perform faster. We’ll do some measurements and see if B19 is slower for us, too.

When a listing is running, click on the “Live” tab in the main window’s toolbar. This will give you a different inspector view that shows bids, watchers, etc.

I use a lot of groups and often have to change the variations of the listing.
When I select large GS folders freezes and remains in charge for a long long time, I have noticed that often at this stage using a large number of HD GB, I have 20 / 30GB free on my hard drive (SSD) and often takes me all of them and they are forced to close forcibly GS otherwise I freezes the whole system.
This also happened with the other beta.

I have 66 variants, when I update the entire listing, gives me a problem saying that variants are too many, but if I upgrade only variants everything works.

Sounds like GarageSale is taking up all your Macs RAM, therefore memory is swapped out to your SSD. How much RAM does you Mac have built-in?

my macbook pro has 16gb of Ram, I think they are pretty

Can you also check how much RAM is consuming when it stalls you Mac by looking into the Memory tab of the Activity Monitor (under /Applications/GarageSale).

Yes, GS consumes 20/30 Gb taking the memory hd, but only when I select many listing / groups