GarageSale 7 Beta 20 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

Beta 20 of GarageSale 7 is available for you to download from this URL (or by using the built-in updater if you are already running an earlier beta version GS 7):

In case you are planning to use this GarageSale Beta release in production, please make sure you have working have a backup system (e.g. Time Machine) in place.

What’s new since the last Beta release

  • fixed crash when loading eBay category data downloaded by older beta versions
  • adds safety net for listings marked for deletion by switching from beta 19 to beta 18

What’s new in GarageSale 7

  • completely modernized interface with instant error reporting
  • can import listing drafts from the GarageSale Scout app on iPhone
  • a new custom database engine, which hopefully deals better with large amounts of data and allows us to adapt to eBay changes more quickly
  • GarageSale 7 does away with the template/auction differentiation - it only offers listings, which can either be running or not
  • a new Orders sections which shows information about purchased items and buyers
  • Reports can generate diagrams in addition to text tables
  • automatic update of eBay category information as needed
  • listing design are now optimized for mobile devices
  • local live validation of most eBay errors in new “Preflight” panel
  • listing images can be edit using image editing apps installed on your Mac and with image editing extensions
  • listing images can be copied and pasted between images
  • support for barcodes on the variation level
  • you can copy specific settings from one listing and paste them into other listings
  • added a preference setting ‘Load Flash’ to prevent Flash plugin crashes
  • inventory items can be exported and imported
  • you can now set the quantity of 'Good ‘til cancelled’ listings to zero to mark the item “out of stock” (you need to enable the ‘Out of Stock’ feature in your selling preferences on eBay’s website)
  • when selling cars on eBay Motors or eBay UK, there is no a dedicated field for the vehicle ID (VIM or VRM)
  • the ‘Import from My eBay’ command now downloads large images from existing eBay listings
  • can automatically generate SKU for your variations
  • much more

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 7 requires OS X 10.10 or later

Upgrades and Pricing

GarageSale 7 is a paid upgrade from any previous version of GarageSale. The upgrade costs €/$ 19.99. During the public beta phase the GarageSale 7 upgrade is available for €/$ 16.99. Upgrade licenses are only available from within GarageSale 7.

If you purchased your GarageSale 6 license directly from iwascoding after August 1st 2015, you are eligible for a free upgrade to GarageSale 7. GarageSale 7 will offer you a free license once you start the purchase flow within the application. Unfortunately this free upgrade is not available for customers who bought GarageSale from the Mac App Store.

The full price for GarageSale 7 will be €/$ 39.99.

Migrating from GarageSale 6

  • GarageSale 7 has a new application identifier and uses its on database and 'Application Support folders, so you can run it along side GS 6 without side-effects
  • it should import your GS 6 library and your accounts (this process may take a while upon first launch)

How to import your GarageSale 6 library again

Sometimes there a bugs discovered and fixed in the component that migrates your GarageSale 6 library to GarageSale 7’s new format. If the bug effects you, here is how to run to import process again:

  1. Export any listing you created in GarageSale 7 and want to keep
  2. Quit GarageSale 7
  3. Rename the folder at ‘Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7’ in your home directory to something like ‘com.iwascoding.garagesale7-old’
  4. Restart GarageSale 7
  5. Import any listings you exported in step #1

What’s still missing

  • localized user interface for languages other than English
  • a user manual
  • fixes for yet undiscovered bugs

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Ilja on behalf of the iwascoding team

Problems loading in the Preview Mode area when listings are greater than 200.

Constant spinning going back to Version 17 for now.

It’s not longer crashing but I’ll wait until Release 21.

Thank you.

Can you be more specific what these problems are?

Don’t do that. You are risking data loss:


I understand about the risk of losing data. I’m creating a backup of the folder before any dates since I first upgraded to Beta 17.

The real problem is clearly Garage Sale 7 Beta 20 is having hard time loading that many items in the Preview Mode Screen (I like going into my the parent folders of my listed items, now 200+ and growning).

I started getting a spinning effect and I had to wait to able to scroll down. My templates all have 12 images and I assume a lot of data in them. I sell antiques and all items and as a result it’s a large mix of categories, attributes, shipping, details, and images of all sizes (zoom in, images zoom out images).

I think Garage Sale 7 beta 20 is having a hard time keeping up with the amount of data that I’m supplying in a single window. I’m not having this issue with beta 17. I think the mix of templates that I’m throwing at that single window is causing the slowness.

It acts as the following:
The Preview Mode window loads a bit slow (expected since I have some many templates, this will grow to over 1000).
I scroll down (it makes me wait I see the spinning effect).
then it moves down.
I’m able to scroll down and again (it makes me wait I see the spinning effect).
… that repeats.

I simply can’t work way for now I’m back to version 17, but I promise you to keep testing every release. Beta 17 is a my happy medium right now :smile:

Thank you (pardon any misspellings)

If I have the cursor on the Title line of any listing and I try to make a new listing, the new listing is a duplicate.

  • Which title line is you cursor hovering over (Outline view, Preview mode, Editor mode) ?
  • How do you create a new listing (Menu command, ‘+’ button in the toolbar, keyboard short-cut) ?

I just measured on my MacBook Pro (with SSD and Core i7 CPU). Selecting a folder with about 300 listings takes 1.5 seconds. Selecting a folder with about 1,500 items takes about 6 seconds. While these numbers aren’t great, that’s pretty much the time it takes to load all items from the database and connect them to the user interface.

What kind of Mac are you using?

Not quite sure what happened, I think it was during adjusting category but not 100% sure, but I ended up with a listing where the preview editor mode is completely blank, even after exporting and reimporting the listing.

Attached. SilverCrest Heated (4.1 KB)

Preview mode. I create a new listing with either the keyboard shortcut or the + button – it’s the same.

Also, 2 things that would be helpful:
First, like version 6, a + button that doesn’t require anything more. 1 click for a new template.
Second, in version 6, I could view the item specifics in each listing, whereas in 7 I need to click each time. This means that I cannot just scroll through to make sure everything is correct. (Ideally, I’d be able to change item specifics in batches, instead of 1 by 1)

About my MAC:
OS X el capitan
Macbook pro 2.3 ghz intel core i7
8gb memory 1600 mhz ddr3

It’s one of these:


I run a browser with multiple tabs.
I have a total of 1040 templates at this point in time.
My entire GarageSale 7 directory is about 5gb in size.

Hope this helps.

I’m wondering if your listing have the amount of data my listings have. Do they all have 12 images (image size varies)

I’m probably overlooking something very simple here, but I am seriously struggling to figure out how to change design templates and/or layout options.

EDIT: Nevermind, somehow I figured it out immediately after posting this. Still, I found it pretty unclear and I’m sure a new user would as well. I rarely change designs and only occasionally change layouts.


It’s mainly because they don’t have a manual yet, you just have to play around.

Trust me once you get a hang of things you will see how much convenient it is.

If you have a HUGE monitor you can see a lot more stuff on the screen, too.

Enjoy it

Can you check if the problem persists with this version:

I suggest you just press Command-N on the keyboard. This will to the same and is usually faster than navigating your mouse to the + button selecting the right entry from its popup menu.

I assume you are talking about this area:

Would it help, if we made the preview mode remember if you expand the “specifics” triangle, so it would be automatically expanded when going to the next item?

It does appear to still show as a competely blank preview page ( literally completely blank, no controls or images visible at all ) the same on the existing broken listing, I’ve only had it happen that once so far though. Restarting and doing the listing again worked fine.

I’d also vote for enabling to let item specifics remain expanded too when switching listings.

OK, I will use the keyboard command for a new template. Regarding the item specifics, YES. For example, I sell records. I will have maybe some rock and some blues. I double check to make sure each one is in the correct category, and there are maybe 800 at one time. The easiest way is to scroll through and make sure all the rock is in the rock category, all the blues in the blues category, etc. So if the preview mode would remember to keep that section visible, that would make it much easier.

AND, if there is any way to adjust the specifics for more than 1 item at one time, that would also be helpful. For example, sometimes I have done a few hundred rock and then there’s a section of blues. I realize, after entering 30 blues records, that I’ve forgotten to adjust the category. So currently I must go 1 by 1 to change them, instead of just changing them all together…

Hi fonky1,

for now, as a workaround, you can make the item specifics always visible by pasting the following code into the footer field in the GarageSale preferences>General:

<style type="text/css">#gsp-SpecificsTriangle:before {-webkit-transform: rotate(0deg) !important;} #gsp-SpecificsArea {display: block !important;}</style>

Reload the Preview afterwards.

Regards, Kristian

Further to my previous notes on searching, I think the category picking searchbox should also use an ‘and’ search rather than ‘or’ when typing multiple words.

Makes sense. Added to our Todo list.

So… I have a GarageSale 6 “Previously Sold” group folder that has 10823 templates and it will take about 45 seconds to display in GarageSale 7…

In GarageSale 6, clicking on this group folder takes about 20 seconds to display the items.

Any even that seems a bit long to wait…