GarageSale 7 completely unusable

Mid-2007 iMac running OS X 10.11.6 (and otherwise up-to-date).

I launched GS (7.0.8), the main window appeared, and shortly thereafter my entire system ground to a halt. Spinning beach ball. Took me about five minutes to force-quit GS, at which time my system went back to normal. Repeated this process a few times just to verify that it was, in fact, GS doing the grinding.

Updated GS to current version (7.0.10). Same problem.

Completely purged my system of everything related to GarageSale and iwascoding. I used EasyFind to search for “GarageSale” and “iwascoding” and deleted everything that was found. Restarted the computer, reinstalled GS just in case. It launched fine, entered my license key, went through the preferences to set up my account and such. Everything seemed fine.

Then, not. Everything ground to a halt again. Out of curiosity I let things run for awhile. Over the course of about 15 minutes I got a handful (maybe 7-8) of GS notifications for incoming messages on my ebay account (old messages that already exist in my ebay account) but nothing else. There are currently a couple dozen messages in my ebay account.

If I launch the app and then immediately hit COMMAND-Q when the window appears, I get a drop-down that says “GarageSale will quit as soon as the currently active operations have finished.” If I click the “Quit Now” button right away, it quits, but the longer I let it stay on-screen the more my system is dragged down by GC. I’d say it takes about 30 seconds or so before GS starts adversely affecting my machine; by 60 seconds my whole system has ground to a halt.

From my perspective it seems that GS is having a grand mal seizure when it tries to download messages from ebay. I tested this by deleting my ebay account from within GS’s preferences, but even after doing that GS is still a lag monster.

Whatever the cause, GS is completely 100% absolutely unusable.

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Here is a link to a post containing the latest beta version. If fixes some performance quirks triggered by certain HTML content in listing description. It might solve your problem, as it seems related to performance:

Nope. The same thing happens.

I’ll point out that my issue has NOTHING to do with “certain HTML content in listing descriptions” since I have literally NO listings created in GS.

I’ve also confirmed that GS is perfectly fine (doesn’t hang, doesn’t slow things down) as long as there’s no ebay account enabled. I can keep GS running for 10+ minutes and it behaves perfectly, but within seconds after adding an ebay account it drags the whole system to a grinding halt.

EDIT: In my original message I wrote “I tested this by deleting my ebay account from within GS’s preferences, but even after doing that GS is still a lag monster.” To clarify this, I had an ebay account configured in GS. I launched GS, quickly called up preferences, deleted the ebay account, and tried to quit GS. It wouldn’t quit (lag, etc) so I had to force-quit. Afterwards when I relaunched GS my ebay account was no longer there (since I deleted it) and GS acted correctly with no lag.

It would be interesting what is keeping GarageSale busy when you have an account added. Here is how you can gather diagnostic data to help us find out:

  1. Launch GarageSale if you don’t have it already running
  2. Open the Activity Monitor application (under /Application/Utilities)
  3. Select GarageSale from the list of running applications in Activity Monitor
  4. Add your account
  5. Chose “View” menu > “Sample Process” (Activity Monitor will probably ask you for an admin password at this point)
  6. Wait while the sample is taken
  7. Save the sample output into a file and send it to us.

Thanks for your patience in resolving this issue.

I took a sample as instructed, though the “three seconds” it supposedly was sampling was actually a few minutes. Do I post it here or email it somewhere?

You can send me a direct message on this site by clicking on my avatar icon. Please attach the saved sample.

Can you be more specific? I click on your avatar icon and get a pop-up showing your information and a couple of clickable links, but nothing in there that says something like “Send Message” or has a little envelope or something. If I click on the larger avatar icon that appears in there I’m brought to your user profile page but, again, nothing in there that says “Send Message”.

Either I’m missing something obvious or your site was NOT designed with ease-of-use in mind.

If I click on Ilja’s avatar icon this is what I see:

Doesn’t the blue “Message” button appear for you?

Another way to send a mail to the GarageSale support is to visit the GarageSale support page here:
(Click on “Contact Support via Mail”)

Regards, Kristian

I sent you a private message through this forum. Please attach the sample file to your reply.

That’s what I see — now. But when I wrote my reply yesterday the “Message” button wasn’t there, just the “# posts in topic” button.

Sorry, the Discourse forum software uses some combination of signup date and number of posts to determine who’s able to send private messages. I should have thought of this earlier.

Anyway, I got your sample file and here is a version that might improve the performance you are seeing. Let me know how it works for you:

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