GarageSale 8.1 Beta 12 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.1 Beta 11 is available for you to download from this link:

What’s new in Beta 12:

  • when re-listing an ended listing with its original quantity, the Launch Control window will display a warning if the original listing had sales
  • the Launch Control window now offers a checkbox to specify the remaining quantity as new quantity when revising or re-listing

What’s new in Beta 11:

  • a secondary eBay category can be removed with a Revise operation from a running listing on eBay (if still allowed for that listing by eBay)
  • improved “Show listings with/without issues” command in Launch Control context menu
  • added “Listings” and “SKU” columns to overview table in the Orders section
  • users can search for SKUs of ordered items in the Orders section

What’s new in Beta 10:

  • you can now search for titles of sold listing in the Orders section
  • the “Import Inventory Items” toolbar button in the Inventory section works again

What’s new in Beta 9:

  • the “Take Photo” from iPhone command in the context menu of the Preview now works as expected
  • Launch Control Window: ‘Use Multiple Connections’ option stays enabled after starting a single listing only
  • updated German localization

What’s new in Beta 8:

  • preview is no longer updated after every keystroke in the SKU field to reduce CPU load

What’s new in Beta 7:

  • fixed a bug, that caused missing listings in the My eBay import panel

What’s new in Beta 6:

  • improved performance when updating list of warnings and errors in Launch Control window, especially when it’s processing a lot listings

What’s new in Beta 5:

  • fixed a crash when switching to Report section
  • fixed an issue that caused smart groups in order section would not show correct results

What’s new in Beta 4:

  • fixed bug where certain eBay orders would be repeatedly marked as “new”
  • Synching: GarageSale will warn users when synching with GarageSale 8.1 for the first time, that older GarageSale will no longer be able to access their synch accounts

What’s new in Beta 3:

  • improved startup performance, especially when a lot of listings where selected when GarageSale was last quit
  • fields for entering VIN and parts compatibility are immediately visible in the inspector when switching from Motors to non-Motors site
  • Preview: Character count in title field (listing design) now gets shrunk while typing

What’s new in Beta 2:

  • when revising a listing’s quantity on eBay, a warning is displayed if the new quantity exceeds the current quantity left
  • when using the “Update existing listings” during CSV or XML import, GarageSale can open the Revise panel for updated, running listings after the import is done
  • CSV Import panel remembers last used column configuration and window size
  • when using the “Update existing listings” during CSV or XML import, all listings with a matching SKU are updated

What’s new in GarageSale 8.1:

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

It halfway works. Original listing had 20. 1 sold. Relisted with checkbox checked. Quantity on ebay 19 but the quantity on GS still says 20. A separate started new listing from a listing that had 20 and 1 sold still starts the listing with 20 and not 19.

Yes this is a workaround but despite this, the main problem is still there. Quantity field is not actually updated.

I see. We will update the quantity input field of the re-listed listing to match what was just send to eBay when the new “Use Remaining Quantity” option was enabled.

This should clear up some confusion.

Yes, but does it also update when revising a listing?

Updating the quantity input field as items sell would correct this and the problem is solved. Having ebay and GS out of sync until relisting or revising or restarting new listings is not at all accurate. As a sale is made and the info comes in to GS the quantity input field should change to match the item quantity left to sell. Problem would be solved.

Sorry, but I disagree.

We’d like to avoid updating any user editable fields automatically, such as the quantity field, as this would introduce unpredictable behavior (you never know when the eBay update task is running in the background) and confuse users.

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