GarageSale 8.1 Beta 1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,
The first public beta version of GarageSale 8.1 is available for you download and test drive.

Before upgrading

Before using this beta version, please make sure you have a current Time Machine backup of your Mac, or at least make a copy of the GarageSale’s library folder(you can use the “Show Library Folder” command from GarageSale’s help menu to locate it).

Switching back to GarageSale 8.0.x

While it is technically possible to switch back to GarageSale 8.0.x, we don’t recommend it, because of the changed order id format (see below). GarageSale 8.0 wouldn’t recognize the new orders ids written to the library by GS 8.1, and would re-download the same order with a different order id, thus causing duplicate orders in your library.

Notes on Synching

If you are using the Mac-to-Mac synching feature of GarageSale Pro, please note that GarageSale 8.1 uses an updated database schema, which older version of GarageSale cannot handle.
Therefore, once you have uploaded data to the sync server using GarageSale 8.1, GarageSale 8.0.x will no longer be able to access your data on the sync server.

Download Link

You can download this beta version of GarageSale 8.1 from this link:

What’s new in GarageSale 8.1

Added support for eBay’s new order id format

eBay is in the process of changing the format of the identifier strings for incoming orders. GarageSale uses these order ids to match orders in its database with the orders it downloads from eBay.

GarageSale 8.1 adds support for the new format by contacting eBay using a newer version of their API, which uses this new format. It will then use a custom matching algorithm to find a corresponding order, and update it with the new order id.

At some point in the future eBay will switch older versions of their API to the new order id format. Older versions of GarageSale using the old API don’t know about the new format. Hence, these versions will show certain orders twice. To avoid this, please make sure to upgrade to GarageSale 8.1 in time.

Parts compatibility support

When listing vehicle parts, you can now specify a list of compatible vehicles on eBay USA Motors, eBay Germany, eBay Australia, and eBay UK. Make sure the category you selected supports parts compatibility.

Auto cancellation

When listings fixed-price items, you can now tell GarageSale to cancel your listing automatically a certain period before eBay renews your listings. Please not, that this is an internal GarageSale feature, so GarageSale needs to be running periodically to perform the cancelation.

An additional icon is shown in the outline view for listings having the auto-cancel enabled. There are also new smart group rules that allow you to filter for listings having auto-cancel enabled.


(The auto-cancel feature requires a GarageSale Pro subscription.)

CSV import for listings

GarageSale 8.1 can now import listings from files in arbitrary CSV formats. Previously, GarageSale could only import listings from files written in its proprietary XML format. With GarageSale 8.1, you can specify what column in your CSV file is mapped to what listing or inventory field in GarageSale.

Remove design HTML during “Import from My eBay”

When importing listings from “My eBay” that were started with GarageSale, the description used to include HTML elements, which needed to manually removed from the description. Otherwise, GarageSale would re-embedded those HTML elements into another design upon re-listing in another design, causing your description being put inside two designs.
To address this issue the “Import from my eBay” panel now offers a “Remove design from description” checkbox, which strips GarageSale design HTML from the imported description.

Advanced settings for “Import from my eBay”

Retrieving a complete list of running listings from eBay can take some time, especially if you have a lot of listings on your accounts. You can narrow down what listings to import by specifying filters for data, category, and SKU, thus reducing the wait time significantly.

Added ‘Global Status’ smart group property

GarageSale 8.1 adds a new smart group rule called “Global Status”, which simplifies selecting listings depending on their state, as each listings falls into one of three possible categories: Prepared, Running, or Ended.

Previously, you had to use the “State” rule, which offered 7 different states, making smart group setup quite cumbersome in some cases.

Update listings based on SKU during XML (and CSV) import

When importing listings from GarageSale’s proprietary XML format, or the newly added CSV format, you can now instruct GarageSale to updated existing listing from the data in the XML file, instead of importing them a second time.

  • if a only the barcode of a product is specified, eBay should not add its catalog information to your listing, unless the “Included additional information” checkbox in the product setting is clicked

Other improvements

  • the category chooser panel now shows the category id of the selected category
  • added a “Hide Ended Listings” option to the view settings for the My eBay import panel
  • added “Uses Variations” smart group rule
  • added an additional menu command for printing packaging slips
  • fixed cosmetic issues with the search field width in certain toolbars

System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.12 or later

This sounds to be a HUGE update. I had a free time drop lately, but I will surely try soon to find enough time to test it. Between all interesting news, my attention went to CSV matter. The “Update listings based on SKU during XML (and CSV) import” means I can manage listing revising from a CSV file without manually revising one by one into GS? I see new chance for working with other platforms (e.g. abebooks and similar…).



I have been running it for 2 days and no obvious issues.

It did do a re-index the first time I ran it and the beachball has been inherited from 8.0 but otherwise all good. I have some auctions finishing in a week or so so I will try out the auto-end. If that works as expected then this will be a big step forward for me.


Can someone explain how I do this?

Where do I set the period. ie Where is the menu item to do it?


You find it in the “Advanced” inspector right below the “Auto Restart” feature.

Regards, Kristian

Ahhhh! Thanks Kristian.

Regards David

Can the Auto restart feature be set to trigger after a listing has reached a specified time? say 2 months old or 3 months old? I don’t end and relist every month but I at least wait 2 month sometimes 3 months.


I need exactly this too.

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Just a couple more questions. You’re notes say ‘When listings fixed-price items’.
Am I correct in assuming the following.

  1. That I can add this feature to a listing at any time AFTER the item is listed?
  2. Because it is an internal feature in GS there will not be a need to revise the listing?

Seems a bit obvious but I just want to be sure. If I get it wrong it can be very (Ebay) expensive.


Crashes after emptying the Deleted Listings bin:

gs_crash_1.txt (123.2 KB)

–> Yes, exactly. No need to revise the listing. You can activate that option at any time.

Regards, Kristian

@ilja this beta is giving me some problems with spinning ball. After installing and an apparent fine work, I switched off the Mac and when I restarted it, a folder with other 7000 listings was selected and GS totally unusable stuck with spinning ball. I did spindump and a sample process and had to force quit. When reopened, GS was still stuck on that folder. After some time I could switch selection to a single listing and now seems to work again. I will shortly send you files.

I am also having another problem. There are 5 orders of some weeks ago that GS is keeping downloading, they get appearing as new ones (greyed chart icon).

Not in its current incarnation. We have to do some research and testing on how to properly detect eBay’s listing rollover, but it shouldn’t be too hard.

The start date is already collected by GS8. Just add 60 days less 1 hour Before Listing Renews?

Almost, GTC listings don’t extend for 30 days, they are extended for one month (according to eBay’s documentation). I’m wondering what happens if the renewal data falls on January, 31st?

They released a statement after forcing everyone to GTC listings that they would only charge 1 fee a month and not hit Jan 1 and again on January 31. The got a ton of flack because they were hitting 2 fees a month but supposedly they have corrected that. I have noticed some listings get a 32 day posting when listed I am not sure why. Today they are doing 31 day intervals.

In February they shorted everyone 1 day by forgetting about leap year and giving only 28 days.19%20AM

So it seems one the day the listing renews, they extended the listing for as many days as the current month has?

I have the feeling some users we’ll be quite unhappy when we’d offer an “autocancel before 3rd re-list” option and our date calculation is not in sync with eBay’s. :thinking:

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