GarageSale 8.1 Beta 13 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.1 Beta 13 is available for you to download from this link:

What’s new in Beta 13:

  • the Lauch Control window shows the quantity that GarageSale will upload to eBay for each listing
  • after revising or re-listing a listing with the “Use Remaining Quantity” option, the quantity field in GarageSale is updated to match the quantity on eBay
  • added more search options to the search field menu in the Orders section

What’s new in Beta 12:

  • when re-listing an ended listing with its original quantity, the Launch Control window will display a warning if the original listing had sales
  • the Launch Control window now offers a checkbox to specify the remaining quantity as new quantity when revising or re-listing

What’s new in Beta 11:

  • a secondary eBay category can be removed with a Revise operation from a running listing on eBay (if still allowed for that listing by eBay)
  • improved “Show listings with/without issues” command in Launch Control context menu
  • added “Listings” and “SKU” columns to overview table in the Orders section
  • users can search for SKUs of ordered items in the Orders section

What’s new in Beta 10:

  • you can now search for titles of sold listing in the Orders section
  • the “Import Inventory Items” toolbar button in the Inventory section works again

What’s new in Beta 9:

  • the “Take Photo” from iPhone command in the context menu of the Preview now works as expected
  • Launch Control Window: ‘Use Multiple Connections’ option stays enabled after starting a single listing only
  • updated German localization

What’s new in Beta 8:

  • preview is no longer updated after every keystroke in the SKU field to reduce CPU load

What’s new in Beta 7:

  • fixed a bug, that caused missing listings in the My eBay import panel

What’s new in Beta 6:

  • improved performance when updating list of warnings and errors in Launch Control window, especially when it’s processing a lot listings

What’s new in Beta 5:

  • fixed a crash when switching to Report section
  • fixed an issue that caused smart groups in order section would not show correct results

What’s new in Beta 4:

  • fixed bug where certain eBay orders would be repeatedly marked as “new”
  • Synching: GarageSale will warn users when synching with GarageSale 8.1 for the first time, that older GarageSale will no longer be able to access their synch accounts

What’s new in Beta 3:

  • improved startup performance, especially when a lot of listings where selected when GarageSale was last quit
  • fields for entering VIN and parts compatibility are immediately visible in the inspector when switching from Motors to non-Motors site
  • Preview: Character count in title field (listing design) now gets shrunk while typing

What’s new in Beta 2:

  • when revising a listing’s quantity on eBay, a warning is displayed if the new quantity exceeds the current quantity left
  • when using the “Update existing listings” during CSV or XML import, GarageSale can open the Revise panel for updated, running listings after the import is done
  • CSV Import panel remembers last used column configuration and window size
  • when using the “Update existing listings” during CSV or XML import, all listings with a matching SKU are updated

What’s new in GarageSale 8.1:

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

Thanks Ilja! Let’s say another situation. Listing has quantity = 2, 1 sells and 1 remains in stock (GS still shows quantity = 2). After some time, I manually end that listing. Then I double it (I never use “relist” command, I use directly “start”), move to trash the expired one and start from zero the copy. Does it still show quantity = 2?

The question could be: when a listing is ended and there is still available quantity, does quantity field update on its own?

It works for relisting and revising. After relisting or revising to ebay it corrects the quantity number in GS. It works so well I went and revised a bunch just to watch the quantity number in GS change and the revise works perfectly! :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: However, If you end it and start a new listing as @fedege96 wants to do

GS uses the original number with no sales subtracted.

@fedege96. The solution to the problem is revise the listing first which corrects the number in the quantity field then end it and start your new one from zero the copy like you want. Then GS has the corrected number left in stock. See, there is a simple workaround to the problem at last.

Noticing an issue (not sure if it was in previous release but I will mention here):

If you have the ATTRIBUTES window OPEN as a static open window, and you wish to select multiple listings in order to change or add 1 attribute, you typically highlight the folder OR shift/Cmd click to select those listings.

When you do this with that ATTRIBUTES WINDOW open BEFORE YOU SELECT LISTINGS, ALL of the listings you select will now erase all previous attribute settings and replace them with the first item you selected. This error ONLY happens when the attribute window is constantly open and you select multiple items. If you first select the multiple items and THEN open the attributes window then this error does not occur and the data stays “neutral” until you decide to mass change an attribute. Mentioning this here before others run into this issue as it could cause a lot of problems if you are not aware of it. I just selected 30 items to add an attribute and it reset the MPN, Manufacturer and 5 other attributes for these 30 items and replaced them with the attributes in the first listing I selected. I will provide 2 screenshots refrencing what this window looks like in both states: (the top image shows where the error occurs as that maneuver caused all selected listings to take on the attributes shown, where as the bottom photo shows how it should(?) work which allows the user to select which attributes to change manually as opposed to forcing all attributes to change instantly)

**Edit: I tried to reproduce and it appears to change ALL settings if you actually edit a setting (as designed) or select to add a new attribute, then it will change ALL the other attributes for ALL listings selected

How does it work with auto-cancellation? When an item is automatically closed, does it update quantity? I am use to start a new copy of each listing, I need to remember the workaround, but this is not practice if, like this month, I want to close 12.000 listings and restart them. Revising would require a lot of time…

Counter question: Why don’t you just use the Relist command with the new option instead of using the “Start” command?

Thanks for pointing this out. I can reproduce it on my machine, but still unclear what’s causing it. Will do some digging this afternoon.

I guess this is because the auction will get a new number and be seen as “new” by the algorithm.
Instead of a reminder that an auction was relisted the newly listed item will be communicated differently. If a buyer observed a listing for a longer time he might have forgotten it and the chances are higher an item sells.
My 5 cents, but with new starts the sales are higher than with relistings - that’s what I am observing.

Relist gets a new ebay number different from the original number. I have started using relist because of the feature in GS that is updating quantity. SUPER GREAT FEATURE! It is also 2-3 seconds faster because it allows me to instantly hit the “relist listings” button without the pause of 2-3 seconds that the start button hesitates until the button turns blue.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try

@fedege96 I wait 2 or 3 months to end and relist so the auto-cancellation feature set up for every 30 days as currently configured won’t work for me. Could a smart group be made to include those with a sale, revise them in bulk just prior to auto-cancellation, and then set the auto cancellation feature to do its work?

@cardhopper The relist get the new listing flag on ebay the same as a start does.Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 8.37.38 AM . A relist is also rumored to bring the “history” of the old into the new listing which might be what affects to difference in sales you observe. That history might be what the algorithm is seeing and not allowing the search views that a new vs relist gets.

@ilja This is an excellent upgrade! I now can create a smart group using my parameters to end listings and relist them with the proper quantity showing the stock I have left. I save 95% of my relisting time since I can automatically use the program features without having to recheck the quantity because the program is doing it for me. 1,000% better for me! THANKS MUCH!

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Uhm let’s say another one: why not leaving available ONLY relist command if a listing is expired (greyed icon) and leave start only when the listing is new (empty icon)?

Anyway this is a great effort, it will surely be a great hit for GS!

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This is a good idea. I too often accidentally click start and then have to go pull a running listing back out of the trash.

Let’s see what @ilja thinks about this. What worries me is that next time I have to restart a large number of listings, I erroneously click on start and then I am no longer able to match expired listings with quantities sold with new ones in order to update left quantity. This would be a problem. I think that the final solution would be preventing users from “starting” expired listings and only leave relist. “Start” is for new ones…

The issue with the attribute panel should be fixed in Beta 14:

Wouldn’t you see this warning panel when trying to start a listing for the second time:

Also, this might be a good place to put a “Use Remaining Quantity as new quantity” checkbox for people who prefer to use “Start” instead of “Relist”.

Makes little sense in english. Can you explain different?