GarageSale 9.4 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

the final version of GarageSale 9.4 is now available for download from this URL or via the built-in updater:

What’s new in GarageSale 9.4

New Features

  • on macOS 13, GarageSale uses the System’s new and improved media browser window, which provides quicker and more comprehensive integration with the Photos app
  • listing attributes can be edited in directly Preview mode
  • will not display listings fees in the ‘Launch Control’ window for private sellers on eBay Germany
  • shipping services can be accessed through JavaScript, allowing for [custom validation rules] in the ‘Launch Control’ window (Validating scripts when launching listings)
  • Launch Control Window: can start listings, even if some listings received errors during verification
  • Preview: attribute area visually now even more similar to eBay page
  • Preview: Changes to location details are now reflected properly
  • moved to a new API for selecting eBay charities
  • added location string to inventory items
  • can now filter by user properties in inventory smart groups

Performance Improvements

  • faster smart group updates
  • improved performance when search option “Hide Items in Trash” is used with a lot of items in the trash

Bug fixes

  • fixed tab restoration after selection change in inspector
  • SKU Generator: the ‘Start Value’ field on subsequent invocations takes ‘Step size’ into account
  • fixed title search for orders (requires rebuilding your index to work for existing orders)
  • fixed an issue in the ‘Launch Control’ window when the “Run only local verification” settings was enabled
  • fixed an issue with the add button in the video upload panel
  • stability improvements when fixing object hierarchy in DB

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul

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I’m seeing two issues since we downloaded the new update.

  1. In the Media Viewer window, there is no longer a resize preview slider, nor are the photo names still showing. The ability to search for a specific image seems to be missing now too.

  1. We suddenly are getting errors on trying to start new listings in the sports card categories. They were working less than 48 hours ago. And it seems like the errors are for condition specifics that are already selected. Very weird.

Try the legacy Image browser in the preferences. The slider is there

The baseball card issue is in another thread Baseball card condition not working

1.: There is a search bar if you have the very top “Photos” entry selected. Don’t ask me why Apple only offer it there.
There is no resize slider offered by Apple but if you resize the window it will resize the photos accordingly.

2.: The new eBay fields for Card Condition, Grade and Grader are currently not supported by GarageSale and we have to alter GarageSale to support these new fields.
Implementing this eBay change is complicated and will require some more time.

Until then you should still be able to list the listing in the “old” way. This includes selecting the “Used” condition and adding the grade values in the attributes. (Selecting the “Card Condition” attribute in the attributes panel.)

Pretty strange that these features are available in the Legacy Image Browser but not the new version of the browser. At least they do still exist somehow, for now.

That works, but not ideal since we have 1000 cards to list over the next couple months.

Sometimes with 9.4 when I create a new eBay listing under any category and change attributes, GS will freeze and give me the spinning beachball of death. After 2-3 mins it will unfreeze, if I try something else it will repeat the freezing. Instead, if I quit gs and restart it, everything will work fine.

I just ran into another issue, I was creating a new listing and the LEFT mouse button suddenly did not work for the new listing or anywhere else. I quit GS and restarted it and all was fine

Can you please follow these instructions to gather more diagnostic data?:

  1. Launch GarageSale 9.4 if you don’t have it already running

  2. Open the “Activity Monitor” application (you find it in the Finder in the “Applications” > “Utilities” folder)

  3. Select GarageSale from the list of running applications in Activity Monitor

  4. Now do something you are pretty sure that will cause the beachball/hang to come up for several seconds.

  5. Then quickly switch back to Activity Monitor and from the “View” menu select “Sample Process” (Activity Monitor will probably ask you for an admin password at this point)

  6. Wait while the sample is taken

  7. Save the sample output into a text file and send it to me or post it here.

Let me know if this helps, I updated an existing listings attributes and got the beachball.

I’ve attached the file.

Sample of GarageSale Aug. 3 2023.txt (2.01 MB)

Thank you. I have two more questions @elizabetharcher :

  1. Could you export one of the listings in question using GarageSale’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and send it to me or post it here so we can have a closer look at what might cause the beachball?

  2. Can you let us know what kind of Mac you are using? Could it be that it is an older model?

A 2015 iMac, here is the about

Here is a listing I’m currently working on, it gives me the beachball on almost every selection, then about 30s later it will unfreeze. I quit GS and restarted it, and I don’t see it yet.
Talbots Womens Size M ¾ Sleeve Cotton & Silk Geometric Sequin Top Brown (6.0 KB)

Here is a hot fix version of GarageSale, that speeds up preview rendering a little bit. Maybe it improves the performance for you as well:

Is this a beta for all users? or a specific user

We built this version specially for @elizabetharcher because of the performance issues she is experiencing.

You can download it, but not sure you’ll notice any difference. In theory, this version should be faster, but even the unoptimized code runs so fast on my Mac (0.02s)…

thanks i will give it a go

So far no spinning beachballs of death. But I only used GS for <15mins. It seems to occur after significant usage, so if I see it again I’ll reply.

Thanks again,


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