GarageSale 9.7 Alpha 3 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 9.7 Alpha 3 (an early preview release) is now available for download from this URL:

What’s new in GarageSale 9.7

  • search results are now displayed hierarchically, showing the names of their enclosing groups
  • added a ‘filter by tile’ field at the bottom-right of the main window
  • when switching between modes (listings, orders, inventory items), the content of the search and filter fields is restored
  • fixes a Preview related crash on the upcoming macOS 14.4 (now in Beta)

Notes about the new filter field

The new filter field bypasses the search index, and performs a literal, case-insensitive string search. It will find patterns of special characters and numbers, which you might not have been able to find using the index based search function.

It can also be used to further narrow results obtained by using the regular search function.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul

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This is a great improvement! Previous versions made it difficult to find where the listing was located and “reveal original” didn’t always take to the original. This also seems to have gotten rid of ghosts and blanks that were all over the searches and so far has not put up dead or listings that went nowhere.


How do I get rid of this? New with this version.

Can you open the GarageSale preferences > Pro and check your status there?

Do you maybe have to re-sign-in with your Pro account?

My subscription is due 2/29/24. GS wants me to pay again. You think it is because it is close to be renewed?

I tried to pay and got this:

Screen Shot 2024-02-23 at 10.13.36 AM

It shouldn’t be needed for you to re-subscribe because you already have an active subscription.

In the GarageSale preferences > Pro can you sign-out and sign-in again with your Pro account?

I went back to GS 9.6 and it is still broken. Clicking sign out takes me to the pay page

I refreshed to token and that entered ok but I get this notice
GS allowed me to upload a new listing but I had to get rid of the GS free picture service and I got the notice that said 3 listing were allowed with this version

Did you try to re-sign-in to the Pro account in

GarageSale preferences > Pro

like @kristian told you in his first answer?

Sorry. I tried restarting, no better. GS wants me to buy again when I click sign out. The button is dead when I try to click it a second time

Using GS picture service returns this

BTW - I had an issue with the released version of GS crashing on Sonoma 14.4 Betas 1-4 editing in Preview mode – after upgrading to this I did not crash. I sent the same to Kristian, so she knows this fixed my issue. This is for everyone else in the forum.

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Can you send me the account email address for your subscription off-list? It seems you are not logged in with the correct address as GarageSale states “You’re not subscribed…”.

Did you create another Pro account? I guess you tried both version (9.6 and 9.7) and you have the same outcome?

I am running 9.6, everything is marginally working. No GS pictures service. I cant do anything to the preferences with out being asked to pay and then everything freezes and no buttons work in the preferences block. I will need to pay in 5 days and GS wont take my payment info because it says I am already subscribed.

After 5 minutes the panel flips to this and now GS has allowed the GS picture service to work. It appears to be resolved. However, should I try and use the new 9.7a3 update?

I do not see a reason why not using the Beta as they are working on the same data. But maybe you should wait until you have some time to try it out without the pressure if having to list something :wink:

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I usually wait for someone else to take the arrows but today I said “what the heck” and downloaded it. My mistake. I ventured out on a limb and started 9.7a3 and the first listing went fine so what ever was not right has been resolved. Probably was the Microsoft solution… RESTART your computer a couple times


Any chance this can get changed??



This is also still annoying… :slight_smile:


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