GarageSale 9.7 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 9.7 is now available for download from this URL or the built-in updater:

What’s new in GarageSale 9.7

  • fixes a Preview related crash on the macOS 14.4
  • added a ‘filter by title’ field at the bottom-left of the main window
  • Preview Mode: Title field wraps lines when running out of space; You can now use the tab key to quickly switch between most input fields
  • Preview: Fixed an issue with the ‘condition description’ field
  • XML Import: added work around for sandbox restrictions when importing images from local disk
  • JavaScript API: added ‘useSKU’ command to listing
  • search results are now displayed hierarchically, showing the names of their enclosing groups
  • when switching between modes (listings, orders, inventory items), the content of the search and filter fields is restored

Notes about the new filter field

The new filter field bypasses the search index, and performs a literal, case-insensitive string search. It will find patterns of special characters and numbers, which you might not have been able to find using the index based search function.

It can also be used to further narrow results obtained by using the regular search function.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul

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The search behavior I reported still continues on this version. When typing a word search for “cabinet latch” the search starts before even getting the second word typed in and jumps to the partial search. GS is not allowing a narrowing of the search words to be included but jumps to the huge list of listings before all the words can be typed in to field

I cannot reproduce this straight away (see attached video). What macOS version are you running?

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

OS 12.7.3

I cant even get the whole word in before GS jumps out of the search field and I get “cabin” typed in and GS is pulling up every listing with “cabin” in it

It’s reproducible when using Preview mode. Until we have fix, please temporarily change to Editor mode while searching. Sorry for the that.

Sorry, trying to edit screen shot

It also does it in the new filter field in “preview”. “LIVE” and “EDITOR MODE” are ok

As Ilja pointed out this only happens in Preview mode. It has to do with the Preview updated in 9.7. It will be fixed in the next update!

For now use the Editor mode when typing in the search field.

Thanks again for reporting.

no worries, just being thorough. Thanks for the update.

I’ve noticed since updating from 9.6 to 9.7 that the behaviour of looking through my listings has changed. For eg when I had an auction that was not yet live selected and highlighted I could use the up and down arrows on my keyboard to go from one listing to another. Now on 9.7 as soon as I press the down error the item that was highlighted is no longer highlighted and the down error for eg starters scrolling down on the listing rather then going to the nest listing. I prefer the older way in 9.6 as I liked to use the arrow keys on my keyboard rather then grabbing the mouse or using the touchpad to go to the next listing before or after.

This happens when Preview mode is selected but not when Editor mode is selected, right? It will work as expected again in the next update.

Yes I am in preview mode when this happens. I noticed when I click on a listing in preview mode it only stays highlighted blue for about 1 second and then goes away which is why I can’t move up and down with the arrow keys as I could before. Glad it will be fixed.

The update to GarageSale 9.7.1 is already available through the internal update mechanism.

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