GarageSale Crashes Constantly with El Capitan (os X 10.11.1)

I get crashes all the time since I have been using El Capitan. It happens after deleting photos, after entering photos, etc…basically I have to exit GargeSale after everything that I do, or I loose the changes that I make when GarageSale crashes. With El Capitan set to go live this week, I was hoping that this crashing would be addressed.

I have been running El Capitan Beta for a while and Garagsale is useless on it and still is after the full release yesterday. I cannot seem to get an answer from Garagesale on a fix but the app does just like you say and it is totally random. If you do not quit after every change you make in a listing, you lose everything. This is very frustrating and has cost me a lot of time.

Thanks for the heads up. We will look into this immediately.

thank you for the quick reply ilja. I am using GarageSale 6.9.6 (618) if that helps, not sure about newportebaysolutions

I am using the same 6.9.6 (618)

I been getting the random crashes issue since updating the OS to El Capitan yesterday as well. If it helps, I can send over a crash report.
(Garagesale version 6.9.6)

A crash report would be super helpful. Please use the private message feature of this forum.

I have sent crash reports via the os system every time that the option is given to me.

Thanks for that. It helps us getting a picture which crashes happen most often. But sometimes it’s hard to match a user and a crash report, that’s why we also ask users to send in their crash reports manually.

According to the crash logs, there are two major issues which cause crashes under OS X 10.11. Unfortunately, none of these seem to be easily reproducible.

If you know a way to trigger a crash with a good likelihood, please let us know. The more the detailed your description is, the better.

We were able to come up with a temporary fix for one of these by disabling the effected code path, but the other major issue still remains.

If you haven’t bought GarageSale on the Mac App Store, here is the version that works around of the issues:

Are you in Editor or Preview mode when you are deleting photos?

Also, which way did you use to add the photos?

Just click on the x on the photo to delete it. It only crashes after I have deleted all the photos, and then I try to modify something else in the listing.
P.s. I just got a crash with the new program that you put up…how do I private message it to you?

This has crashed me twice in a row…
I drag a listing from inside a folder and place it just above the folder.
Then I make a new group.
I rename the group and move the folder up to the spot I want it.
Now I drag the listing that I want into the new group.
I click on the listing and change the catagory…I used toys/hobbies/games/boardgames/contemporary.
Then I clicked on the amount of the listing start price…crash
When Garagesale starts back up, the listing is back in the original group folder, and the new group that I made no longer exists.

Can be reproduced every time No need to do any of the drag, or group creation.
Just change the category, I used toys/hobbies/games/boardgames/contemporary, and then click on the starting price in the inspector. This crashes me every time.

ok, I downloaded the beta version you provided here and again it crashes when I drag a new image in on top of an existing image and replace it. I did 2 of them and then a second later the program crashed.

@kazadoom, @newportebaysolutions, @ericb888

Sorry to hear the Beta 1 didn’t cure the problem. Unfortunately none of the instructions you gave did trigger the crash in our office.

Here is a new version that might cure the problem. Please tell us how it goes and keep sending in crash reports when prompted after an application restart:


Just loaded the latest 6.9.7b2.
Same exact steps replicate the crash.
change the category then click on the inspector in the box for the price. Instant crash. How can I send you the crash report?

Thanks for trying out the new beta again.

Is it possible that you record your actions from starting GarageSale until the crash in a screen recording? This way we can try to replicate your steps as closely as possible.

You can use the “New Screen recording” in the QuickTime Player application.

You’d can try to attach your movie to a post on this site. If it is too large, Dropbox or YouTube might work as well.

Thank again. This one is the picture delete crash