GarageSale response to ebay's new HTTPS Google Chrome Issue

eBay is offering a simple solution to these upcoming issues by having users BULK EDIT http listings to replace HTTP links with HTTPS and I am wondering what iwascoding response will be and if you may offer HTTPS links to fixthese error links

For those of us who cannot edit older listings (reasons being: removed from garage sale to conserve storage space or other), we need an alternative solution for how to proceed with editing these listings. I currently have over 900 listings active with HTTP errors, and only about 200 of those can be edited through my current garage sale application. I have listed and sold almost 5000 listings this year, and to conserve space on my MAC I have needed to delete sold listings and remove some active listings on eBay that were older garage sale listings, and could instead be edited on ebay’s site as needed.

Can garage sale offer an easier solution by having the error HTTP images converted to HTTPS as this would lessen the complication of a situation like ours. Currently I see that the older HTTP images shown in garage sale listings are causing these issues, and the easiest fix appears to be garagesale/iwascoding changing their images to HTTPS. I understand this may not be possible but we do need a solution that does not involve revising a listing. Ebay mentions that it is reaching our to 3rd parties, so have you already been contacted?

Thank you

To change a running listing on eBay, you need to revise that listing. There’s no other way.

So, even if we added a bulk HTTP->HTTPS converter to GarageSale, you’d still need to do the following:

  1. Import all running listings that are not already in GarageSale
  2. Run the hypothetical HTTP->HTTPS converter on these listings
  3. Select all running listings and run a bulk revise of the description

This is how this might work, but since you don’t want to run a Revise and your Mac might not have enough disk space, it might not be what you want. Please advise.

Also, when re-importing listings from eBay, GarageSale is unable to “unmangle” design resources and images embedded into the description. The only way to edit those for these listings is by modifying the listing description’s HTML code manually.

Thanks for the response Ilja,

So in order to put all active listings back into garagesale, can I use Import>Import From By eBay

to retrieve all active listings? And from there I can edit the design template/revise all listings to be compatible?


No, this is not possible. GarageSale can no longer unmangle design and images from the description code. So, you cannot alter design or images in those listing without manually modifying the HTML listing by listing.

We are in the process of cooking up something experimental. Please stay tuned…

Oh OK, something experimental would be greatly appreciated as this may be my only option to fix these older listings.

I know 95% of my current eBay listings were made through garage sale, so that may help my chances of having them “unmangled”? I know these changes are coming in October so I’m hoping that eBay or garagesale is able to find a solution to this issue that makes it a little easier.

Your current solution isn’t too hard to do, but in my instance its just not a possibility to edit listings that are no longer on my garagesale program

there’s actually an easy way on ebay itself. from your seller dashboard you can select all the items you want to edit. then you have to select “bulk edit description” (something like that). there is a find/replace option. then you just type http: into the find box, and https: into the replace box. super easy. also, if you need to remove the old footer, again you can search for the code for the old footer (which is only showing up as the actual footer here for some reason):

Created with GarageSale

and replace with " " (that’s just 1 click of the space bar in the replace box)

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Please check out the latest beta version. It contains a new command to bulk-change your imported listing descriptions:

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