Garagesale won't open. OSX 10.10.5 and hard drive replacement

Last week I had two problems… my hard drive began to go bad, and Garagesale would not open.

Today I replaced my hard drive at the Apple store. Now I am OSX 10.10.5.

The version of GS was a recent update, maybe 2 or 3 months ago.

I reloaded all my data using Passport (using a backup dated the day I began having issues with GS).

Garagesale still won’t open. The icon bounces on the lower bar, a small window flashes and disappears, then the icon stops bouncing but does not open. No black dot below the icon.

Please tell me what to do to restore Garagesale and all my data.

thank you, ~Robin

Hi Robin,

you maybe just run into the issue described here:

If you originally purchased GarageSale from the Mac App Store, and switched to the website version of GarageSale, you need to go with workaround A, B or C.

Regards, Kristian

I just read the article you linked. All it says is: People who are still having an issue opening Mac App Store apps should be able to just restart their computers to fix the problem.

This did not help my problem.

Where are these workarounds you mention, A, B, or C? I don’t see them in the article.

Please help me.

I’m getting very frustrated by this experience.

I can’t make sense of the other discussion. Please help me directly. Someone says they downloaded a new version from the app store and that fixed it. I hesitate to try because the original version I bought from the app store was defective. I’ve been using verisons from iwascoding.

Hi Robin,

I was referring to this post in this forum:

Ilja listed Variant A, B and C there.
Regards, Kristian

I’m so upset right now I can’t even read that mess.

There are too many people involved and too much that does not make sense. What is MAS for instance?

Please tell me what I should do, me alone, not all that discussion


I imagine many users are affected by this problem.

I think you should write up a clear and simple set of instructions about how to fix the issue and post it at the top of the forum for awhile.

The discussion you have linked is incomprehensible to me, and probably many others. I try to read it but it makes no sense.

I will attempt to contact the Apple store since I am not finding enough help here. My level of computer knowledge is apparently not good enough for this help forum.

I enjoy using garagesale when it works properly.

Recently, however, it brings me to tears of frustration. I wish there was some solace to be found on the help forum.

Coincidentally, I began recommending GS on Facebook a few weeks ago to other sellers. I’m not feeling the love today.

I now have garagesale working again. I went through the online Apple store.

I moved GS 6.9.6b2 to the trash. I downloaded GS 6.9.7 from the Apple Store purchases link. I received an error message. I was required to sign an new user agreement. The purchases page was then stuck on pause. However, I discovered the new GS version in my applications file. It opened normally and all my data was included.