Group operations

I have mentioned this before. There is an inconsistency in the the way that GS treats groups. If I delete a group, both the group and its contents are deleted. If I MOVE a group, only the contents of the group are moved. I think that the group and its contents should be moved in this instance.

Can you post a small screen video showing this behavior? Either pressing cmd-shift-5 or using the “New Screen Recording” command in “QuickTime Player” let you record videos from your screen.

How about a couple of screen shots

Contents of English Period Costumes MOVED but not the group they were in.

Is this sufficient information for you, Ilja?

Yes, thank you. I created a ticket with your information. It should be fixed in one of the next beta versions.

Cheers Ilja. Much appreciated.

The new beta version should fix the “Move”-command:

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