GS 7.0.18 (854) crashing on startup


Unplug your network connection first (turn off wi-fi, disconnect ethernet cable).
Open GarageSale and turn off the three items.
Reconnect your internet and you should be up and running.
Good luck, and thanks again to Vaguery.

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It’s self-preservation, with 5000+ manually-constructed listings in the db :slight_smile:

Well for some reason it has stayed on for 10 minutes so far!!!

Yes, you and I both, my friend.


I can crash it most times (there is a random-feeling delay) by selecting “Listings > Update all listings” from the main menu. But I have not yet seen it crash by selecting individual listings (including all of them) in the list view, and clicking the “update selected listing” tool in the toolbar.

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Working on a fix. Stay tuned…

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PLEASE!!! It worked for 10 mins and now crashes again and again. Support said to hold down the control key immediatley when starting it up and click AUTO DEBUG or something like that and wait…it didn’t work.

Did the three items and it is staying on for now…I hope it works now! Thanks to all…

Just chiming in with the same issue since first trying to open the application this morning. Hoping Ilya figures it out soon. Thanks for sharing everyone. I kept thinking it was an issue with my iMac. (grin)

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This crash, wich was caused by eBay sending us data in a format we didn’t expect, should be fixed in GarageSale 7.0.19. Please use the manual download link if you cannot get GarageSale to start without running into this crash:


Thank you @ilja! That seems to have done the trick!

Handling eBay API changes must be awful. We really appreciate your help with these products.


Thanks Ilja, appears to have worked

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Yeah my friend just told me Auctiva was crashing for her this morning so I figured it was on eBays end. Thanks for the fix!

Worked for me. Many thanks!

Thanks, where do you find those network settings? I cannot find them in the 5 seconds that I have before it crashes!

soulblends disconnect from your network before you open GS. Once it’s open you can change the settings under preferences. I would suggest downloading the update though.

just to be sure what are the directions to install update. i don’t want to accidentally erase my database.16%20AM

Replace older garage sale?

Hi miamiwax,

remove the old GarageSale version first, then install the new version.
This won’t harm your existing GarageSale database.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for fixing this so quickly. New version works great.

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