GS 7 Not Opening

While I was pasting listing components to a new listing GS crashed and I get the “ignore/report/reopen” box every time I try to start the app. It won’t open at all.
I’m on Sierra 10.12 with the latest app as purchased from the web site, not App Store. I’ve attached a log.
I’ve tried to reinstall and replace container folders one at a time, but can’t get it back to the way it was.
I appreciate any help anyone can give.

garagesale log.txt (139.7 KB)

looks like possibly a sandboxd violation.
Any fix for this?

Ok. For posterity…
I found this message in a thread. Downloaded this version and moved my backed-up container folder (com.iwascoding.garagesale7) back to the containers folder and opened. I guess if you didn’t move your container to begin with just replace your app with this and see if it repairs the issue.

I did have to re-do some custom css for templates.
So far so good, we’ll see if I can list now.

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