GS 9.6b5 BUG!: Smart Groups NOT auto updating in GS 9.6b5

With GS 9.6 B5, NONE of my Smart Groups are “auto-updating”.

Every morning when I launch GS, several of my Smart Groups have new listings in them (time to expiration, or views == 0 and number of Days Remaining <= 7). This has been working great for months…

This morning, None of the Smart Groups showed anything.
When I opened the Smart Groups and clicked OK, they updated correctly.

Even a Group that only checks if any listing has a Tag. I added a Tag to a Listing and the Smart Group did not update. Opening the Smart Group and clicking OK, DID update the Smart Group.


Here are some of the Smart Groups that did not update.
These had been working a few days ago…


Check your settings and connection and the Microsoft solution(restart) . My smart groups are updating on 9.6b5. I always keep the last full version without beta. Try running 9.5 and see if smart groups update and maybe it will be stable for you?

Great Suggestions. Thanx! I have already tried all of them…

Good to know.

Do you have any of them “open”, showing the contents with the disclosure triangle?

Have you added the new rule to any of your Smart Groups? I did…

Yes, I do also.

I also tried this. And still had issues and additional crashes. Which I suppose could be because 9.6b5 added the new “Days Since Start” Smart Group rule (which I added to 2 of my Smart Groups), which 9.5 does not know about…

I’ve have reverted to 9.6b4 and been Rebuilding indexes, etc and will report back soon…


all my listings seem to be in sync with ebay, even the new one I created with “Days since start”. I have them minimized until I need specifics of the items contained in the group

OK… Things are working good again, now.

I reverted back to 9.6b4. Then I rebuilt all indexes, etc.

I THINK adding the new 9.6b5 Smart Group rule “Days Since Start” to an existing Smart Group, or a new Smart Group seemed to cause all my problems.

Ah!!! I had both of my Smart Groups containing the new “Days Since Start” rule “expanded/open”… And it seemed like some actions (Stop/Start/Relist) would change the contents of those “open” Smart Groups (adding new listings to the Smart Group during in the middle of the Stop/Start/Relist command) and the current selection would get “lost” and the action would get very confused and crash.


That would be a risky rule to use if it causes crashes while opened. I am pondering my next move. Delete the new rule?

That new rule should not cause a crash.

I anticipate/hope the GS team will fix the crash fairly soon…


Sorry, the ‘days since start’ feature was still a little buggy. It should be fixed now in Beta 6:

Everything is working Great in 6.9b10!!


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