GS Freezing and lagging terrible with a lot of templates

Hello, I have a rather large amount of templates on my GS account. I have roughly 15,000 unique templates and then all the data coming in from ebay. I have experienced EXTREMELY Slow scrolling on garagesale. If I am trying to scroll through my templates it is almost constantly freezing temporarily and then coming back. It will also randomly freeze for upwards of 2 hours with no explanation.

This has been going on for 3-4 months across 3 different computers and different versions of garage sale. I have talked with them and they have only told me they think my garagesale file is corrupt. I have restored to disprove this idea. Someone help please!

I have recently added the 3rd computer so it only has 600 or so templates on it… It still freezes up the same way. It does have all the downloaded information under the auction tab though.

All our computers have 8gb of ram or more with i7 quad core processors and SSD. I do not think our computers are the isssue. Considering it has done the same exact thing with 3 different computers.

If someone will give me the information to fix this I will Paypal you $50

It would be helpful to know where GarageSale spends its time when its not responding to user input. Next time you are running into such a long-lasting freeze, please follow these steps:

  1. Open the ‘Activity Monitor’ utility (under /Applications/Utilities)
  2. Select ‘GarageSale’ from the list of running processes
  3. Choose ‘Sample Process’ from the ‘View’ menu
  4. Save the generated report and send the file to me (don’t copy and paste the text, as it will destroy the formatting of the report)
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Sample of GarageSale Freezing.txt (127.5 KB)

Did that work Ilja? Let me know!

Yes, I already looked through the file.

So GarageSale is spending it’s time looking up listing in it’s database for the listingID it has received from eBay. There’s already a cache for these sort of lookups, but for some reason that cache never contains the sought answer, so it goes through your whole database for each listing id.

Here are a few quick questions to help better understand the situation:

  • How many listings do you have online on eBay (roughly)?
  • How many of those are imported in GarageSale (roughly)?
  • Do you have the ‘Track Running Auctions’ checkbox in GarageSale’s Preferences > Tracking checked?
  • What do you have ‘Refresh Auction State’ popup set to?

Garage Sale Frozen 2.txt (138.3 KB)

Here is another example of it freezing (came into work this morning and it was frozen)

We have about 16,000 Listings, all of which are done with Garage Sale
We have track running auctions checked and refreshes every 2 hours.
We do need to have it refresh auction states to manage what we have and havent sold.

let me know if that answers your questions.

Have you thought about unchecking that auction and manually invoking the corresponding menu command. This might working with GarageSale more predictable, because the auction update would only kick-in when you let it.

The best way to look into the problem would be to get our hands on your live data. I guess we haven’t had many users with 16,000 live listings so far. I’ll follow up in a private message.

I unchecked the option to automatically fetch data and there is still a problem when searching through listings and scrolling though them. I am attaching in an email a video to show you what I am talking about a little better.

Also the random freezing when fetching listings is now happing on a more constant basis but is only freezing for 1-5 minutes at a time. about every three listings I go through

Also I was wondering if there is a compatibility chart option (for automobile parts) inside garage sale anywhere?

Can you please use “New Screen Recording” command in the QuickTime Player application for future screen videos?

I’m in Germany, and YouTube is not showing me your videos because of the music in the background. It’s some stupid Copyright issue they have with the music labels over here.

Is the 1 to 5 minutes on the machine that took 2 hours before?

It’s not in this version. We are currently working on a major rewrite, since the current design is already 10 years old. Parts compatibily will probably not be in the first release of the mayor rewrite, but in one of the subsequent updates. However, its still a few months away.

Yes this is on the machine that was taking two hours but its still freezing quite a bit. Just in a lot shorter bursts.

Can you check how big your database file has become? The database file is your account’s home directory under Library/Application Support/GarageSale and is called GarageSale.sqlite.

Since the user’s library folder is hidden by default, you can get there by pasting “~/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/” into the Finder’s “Go” > “Go To Folder” panel.

Since it sounds you are using GarageSale only for tracking sales, it might be worthwhile to delete this file once in a while to speed up operation. Of course, you would loose your past sales history by doing so.

It is 938MB I will try deleting this and see how that works out.

I deleted the file you told me and now my garage sale litterally has ZERO auctions, I tried putting the file back in and it it saying it is corrupt now. I need help ASAP.

The templates that have disappeared are about 10,000 hours of work. I have employees that cannot work. i need this resolved immediately.


there are two additional files beside the file GarageSale.sqlite that you should get from your backup (or try to delete it in the Application Support folder). These are called