GS has to download "Nanum Myeongjo" font

today while I was using GS this pop-up windows appeared… what’s that??

I pressed “ignore”… but I want to be sure this is not some strange issue, never had similar requests by GS before…

That panel is not coming from us. Can you recall what you did to make it appear?

Ah so this is a real issue… do I have to worry? I pressed “ignore” but not sure if it was safe…
Well, I was doing nothing in particular, just selected (from search field) 10 similar auction and manually expiring them, after this I moved from preview mode to live view and checking that some of them was still active (6 closed and 4 modified quantities)…
@ilja tell me if I have to do something …

Gosh I found this

My guess is that you have been viewing a listing that’s already online on eBay with GarageSale.

Something on the eBay page might use some HTML mechanism to download additional fonts to your computer. A web search for the font name seems to indicate that it is used to display Korean characters.

If you see it again, keep clicking “Ignore”.

Yes, I was displaying an active eBay listing (listed with GS), but I was using live view, not ebay site! Is it indifferent?

Surely I don’t need Korean fonts :joy:

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