GS is changing my permissions.? but I am admin.! this is madness

Trying to figure out why my GS 7.0.9 won’t import my exported GS 6 auctions.

  1. could not import a “archive” of all the listings from GS 6. (waited 4 hours nothing happened)
    2 exported GS6 as Individual files. (extremely peeved that I don’t get to keep folder Hierachy)
    3 tried to import into GS 7.0.9 only to get this permissions message, even though the file was on the desktop, and I am always logged in as admin…

  1. so with that clue I selected the folder where I exported all the files to and reset permissions, even though you can see I am admin.

5 only to be black to square 1 with the next dialog box that GS 7.0.9 can’t communicate with a helper program.? AGAIN.

what is going on… and how can I finally get all my GS6 into GS7… (all this because Ebay can’t check its own links when they are being downloaded to it… dam them.)

I am so at the point of giving up on them and going to Gumtree or some other… there is months of typing and formatting and photographing files blood pressure is high as a kit. again.

Regards, Sandy

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