GS picture server & settings

I touched on this subject in my previous, immensely frustrated post but it needs its own.

I have been trying to work for the last couple of hours and the program keeps “forgetting” my settings. In my last post I said that after a re-start the problem was solved but after 5 minutes it is there again.

The settings it is forgetting are these:

I use this 50 times a day and have NEVER had it come up blank. Today every few times I use it, I have to re-check all the boxes I use. While that is irritating, the picture issue is paralyzing.

GS will not let me upload any listings with more than 12 pictures. I use the GS picture service which allows up to 20. The GS picture service seems to have disappeared. Though, like the settings, after re-starting it returned briefly but is now gone again.

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