GS7 stock image editor causes eBay to refuse image as too small

It seems every time I need to crop a photo in GS7, with the built in editor, eBay says the image is too small and will not let me start the auction. I am using GS scout to take the photos, but any editing within GS7 and I can’t upload.

Fix or help?


Sorry, that’s most likely a bug with the built-in editor when editing large images on small screens.

Please use the “Edit in External Editor” command to edit your picture in Preview. GarageSale will automatically pick up the changes to your image once you save it.

Yes a bug with the built in editor makes sense.

Can you please address this, I don’t want to open an external editor to quickly crop or rotate an image. GS should be able to do this.

To help you identify the process is. .

Take a picture with GS Scout iPhone -
Import into GS 7
Image is a 1.7 MB File 3024 × 4032 pixels
Crop just a sliver off of each side in GS7 with the built in editor
Result is a 39K image 411 × 469 pixels
Can’t load to eBay.


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We reworked the image editor for GarageSale 7.0.6, so it won’t reduce your image size anymore. You can now also zoom and scroll: