Having some issues with GS 7.0.7 (795)


Having some issues with GS. It crashes every time I delete more than one listing. Now it does not import any listings at all. Set to import only new listings, the import area is blank. There are 7 listings to be imported.

Any suggestions? Is there an upgrade?

Thank you!


Hi Vera,

could you please give the latest beta version of GarageSale 7.0.8 a try:

How exactly are you deleting the listings?
Are you trying to import listings from GarageSale 6, GarageSale 7 or from “My eBay”?

Regards, Kristian

Hi, Kristian,

Thank you for the reply. Deleting duplicates listings, sometimes in Search results, sometimes not. I thought it had to do with search results but it doesn’t seem to matter. I’ll install the beta later today and report back.

I’m trying to import from eBay. We have 2 accounts, both connected to GS. One has no listings live at the moment but the other has listings. Not sure that matters.


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