Heads up GarageSale 7 users: GS will probably break in January

eBay is going to shutdown the interface (API) GarageSale right now uses to download category data in January, 2022.

There is a replacement eBay API in place, but that will require a new GarageSale version, which leverages the support for eBay’s new OAuth authentication and REST APIs, which we are adding right now for GS 8.4.

So, depending on when eBay actually pulls the plug on the older category data API, GarageSale 7 (and the now current version of GarageSale 8) will stop working at some point in early 2022.

GarageSale 8 users can easily solve this problem by using a newer GarageSale version, which will support eBay’s new API.

However, many GarageSale 7 user will not be able to upgrade to the then current GarageSale version, because they are running an older version of macOS, that is no longer supported by GarageSale. Also, some user’s Macs might be too old to be updated to a never macOS version.

That’s why we are giving those GS 7 users an advance warning, so they have time to upgrade their production environment to at least macOS 10.12. If possible, these user should update to the most recent macOS version, as we might encounter difficulties during development, which might cause us to raise the minimum OS requirement above 10.12.

Best Regards,
Ilja on behalf of the GS team


Thanks for the heads up. So if the OS is above 10.12, GS 7 should still technically work?

probably not unless GS spends time fixing old GS7.

@rlmartin is right. Once eBay pulls the plug in the current API, no version of GarageSale will work no matter what macOS version you are using.

Missed important words: “…no version of GarageSale before version 8.4 will work…”

Right, @ilja ?

API are being retired and only OAuth will work

I am one of the holdouts. I’m still using GarageSale7. Where is the best place to go to find out how to upgrade from 7 to the newest version of the software? And what the cost will be?

Oh wow! I read over that part initially. That is some unfortunate news! I hope they reconsider. I know it’s not iwascoding’s doing if so. Let’s hope!


Thank you. Besides the pricing , I saw the info link for GarageSale 7 users. This was very helpful.

Thanks for the heads up. Time to get off my butt and get GS 8x up and running. No more procrastination.

I am running OS Verion 11.6 Big Sur, GS 8.3.6. Am I alright? Just renewed my GS annual subscription.

You’ll be alright, but you would need to update to the then current version of GarageSale, as 8.3.6 will not have the necessary code in it to support the new APIs.

P.S. Thanks for you subscription. :heart:

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