HELP! Categories Suddenly Are Missing/Unknown - SOLVED

GarageSale was functioning normally yesterday. Came back today, reloaded the app and now EVERY listing – auctions and BINs, running or not, sold or unsold, have a red circle with a question mark where the eBay category should be. All appear to have been switched to Unknown out of the blue.

There are more than 10,000 listings that have suddenly been screwed up. What has happened and how can it be fixed?

Maybe the suggestions in this post help:

Thanks. Refreshing eBay Access Token and Account Details has been done, did not resolve the issue. Was able to then take one listing and use the Sprocket to update the Coin & Currency categories, which then appears to have repopulated the entire database of listings once again.

Scary thing to have happen completely out of the blue when so much time and trust for our company has been placed into this program.

Thanks for the starting point to fixing it.

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