Help Please! Ebay email: My listings are in violation of their policies, as of today!

I use version 7.0.5 (783)., and today had an email from ebay saying:

"We’re writing to let you know, that as of 08 November 2017, some of your listings are in violation of our policies and require immediate update.

89 of your listings contain(s) non-secure HTTP content. From October 2017, Google Chrome - the browser used by almost half of all eBay buyers - will begin displaying a Not secure icon in the address bar when users visit standard HTTP pages or HTTPS pages that include non-secure HTTP content. We encourage you to remove this content straight away."

Please tell me what I can do to rectify this, as I don’t understand this jargon…thanks in advance!

Yes, just got this too. Also eBay isn’t displaying the entire garage band content unless you click on “more” button. I’m in the process of upgrading to 7.09 so that might be that problem.

Apparently all the links in the auction need to be converted from http: to https:

Sure don’t want to do this manually.


I am having this same problem today but I AM using 7.0.9(811) over 300 listings in violation…I also have some purchased templates that ask me for a transaction ID to update them, no idea of what or where to find them…

I have almost 1,000 listings that use variations of a pro-template. Upon trying to revise just one listing manually, Ebay says that the following lines of code which reference http links are “in violation.”

It’s bad enough that eBay has to insult sellers regularly with verbiage that makes it sound like we’re trying to steal from them, but the thought of having to manually edit 1,000 auctions to fix this is ridiculous.

Anyone come across a way to manually do this? I’m on 7.0.9… the latest release of Garage Sale…

You need to update at least to version 7.0.9 and to need to revise your running listings on eBay to make your listings comply with eBay’s new HTTPS requirement.

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Hi- do you know if that will make the garage sale auction content visible without clicking on the “see full item description button” that goes to an isolated page with no eBay auction links/info?


Upgrading to GS 7.0.9 is the way to go.

GarageSale 7.0.9 features an “Repair Image Links” command which replaces non-https images embedded into the description with https image. It also remove image links, which are no longer allowed by eBay.

Please contact our support at with a list of possible e-mail addresses you made the purchase with. They should be able to sort you out.

Thanks Ilja… You mean garage sale listings can no longer have images at all? That’s the entire point.

I had the same issue but I only had 69 items to update. Took my about 15 min. It is easy but a pain. Pic an item in the left column you want to update. Then go to the template "pop up” you will see the template you chose. Now change the template to another and then immediately change it back. (Really only two clicks) You have now written the updated template code into your item. Now “update” your item …button on upper right. Done, Go to next. Couldn’t figure out how to do this en-mass.

Okay, wait I think I understand. Now garage sale actually embeds the extra photo info in the description uploaded to eBay, and you no longer have to link to your server. Is that correct?


It seems you uploaded these listings before we had a chance to make the Pro:Compact design compatible with eBay’s new policy.

Please go to the “Window” menu in GarageSale, and choose “Show Design Templates”, the click the second button in the toolbar (downward pointing arrow) to updated your purchased designs.

All that’s left to do is using the Revise command to update your running listings on eBay. Fortunately , the Revise command can be invoked in for a large number of listings at once.

Sorry, that’s not possible. We don’t have control about the general way eBay designs their website.

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Hi Ilja, I’m not sure who you’re responding to here.

It appears in my image above the the template has http embedded, instead of https (except for the top link which is my problem to fix.) All of my templates which I reuse are based upon a paid design which I’ve modified into several variations. I’m hoping there is a way to bulk change these.

No, that’s wrong. You still can have images in the description, but they have to use the HTTPS protocol and they can no longer be clickable links.

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In that case, it might be the easiest to update our original design to the latest version, duplicate it and apply your changes again.

Repair image links did not work for me. I tried several times. If you can explain the process in detail, maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Here is a basic guide on how to bring all your listings in compliance at once with GS 7.0.9:

  1. Create a smart group that filters for active listings
  2. Select all listings in that smart group
  3. Invoked the revise command for the entire listing

More detailed instructions are given here:

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What did not work for you? Did it not catch all http images you manually added to your description?

GarageSale always used to that when you were using our image server or your own image server.

If you mean by “link” a clickable image that will enlarge when clicked, you are correct. Clickable image links are outlawed by eBay. But image can still be in your description, provided they are using the HTTPS protocol.

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