How long will Version 7 be usable?

I will upgrade to 8 when I can afford it, hopefully soon. I do post more than 50 items some months so am wondering about the life expectancy of V7.

I’ve been using GS since I switched to a MAC in 2008 and of course I have 7.0.20.
I will eventually switch to 8 - when I have no choice - but I too will sometimes want to list more than 50 in a month,
What about “Good Till Cancelled” do the auto renews count toward the 50? If they do I’m stuffed.
I feel that we’re being forced into a monthly “rip-off” subscription because I for one will not make use of the “extras” - in fact I’d probably not make use of most of the “improvements” in 8.

Let’s be honest - this is not driven by a desire to offer a better facility but pure and simply - by greed.

If 25,000 current uses don’t upgrade to 8 or switch to Pro - who cares - in the long term the “Subscription Model” will be a lot more profitable.

Really disappointed but it is the way of the world now!

I do think everyone is safe on item already listed. The program helps us list but once they are on ebay they are out of the GarageSale realm.

Unless eBay introduced major changes, we plan to support GS 7 for at least a year. We just shipped a new beta version a few days ago:

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Nope, only listings started or re-listed from within GarageSale count.

To be really honest, we are only trying to reduce the losses we are making by developing GarageSale a little bit.

Not sure where this 25,000 number comes from, but we less than of fifth of that number as active users, of which less than 10% list more than 50 items a month. Even if all these “power” sellers would sign up for GS Pro, we’d still have a hard time paying our bills.


Although I can appreciate the company position, this 50 item per month listing restriction is very sad news. I just began using (and loving) GS earlier this year after using auctiva for many years and finally becoming tired of the monthly fee…, especially since sales on eBay have been way down for the past couple of years. I am not a full-time professional eBay seller, but on occasion I will list more than 50 items per month, usually in GTC format. I currently have 221 items in my store listed with GS. My basic eBay store subscription allows 250 items per month (with no insertion fees)…, shouldn’t the GS plan at least run concurrent with that, to get the full advantage of having an eBay store? If not, there is no reason to use GS at all. I guess it’s time to look at other options…, too bad.

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That’s good to know, thanks. I do think though that the 50 per month restriction is a bit on the low side - even 100 might still be a bit tight so maybe 150’d be right.

Okay, I am prepared to take that statement at face value.

When you look at the number of current GarageSale listings in a logical manner the math does indeed seem to support this contention.

So, I’m prepared to concede that perhaps the shift to the “Pro” model was an inevitable development - from the company’s point of view - I mean a lot of the really big software developers did the shift years ago.
A heads up though to existing users might’ve been a good idea. Maybe there was and I didn’t see it.
Even better would be a discount for existing users - soften the blow a bit and maybe even encourage more sign ups.

If I do go the “Pro” route it’ll still be a considerable additional - and unexpected - cost added to the bottom line that has to be absorbed as I can’t see how it can ever be passed on.
And that additional cost will be every year - for ever.
I mean even my mortgage did end at some point and my bank didn’t contact me to say they’re now going to start charging me rent.

Still disappointed :disappointed_relieved: but I reckon I will probably get over it.:wink:.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m a long time user and have always found your support to be helpful.

I had a near fatal motorcycle crash literally 1 year and two days ago. To say I crushed the WHOLE right side of my body would only be slightly over stated. Injuries included breaking my pelvis in 18 places, shattering my leg from the knee to the ankle, shattered vertabrae in my back, broke almost all ribs, upper arm broken in two. That’s the SHORT version. I am getting ready to restart my ebay listings after a year of my business being down.

When I noticed this subscription fee that should be criminal. I had better be able to list my items with garagesale 7 without a subscription fee. After that, I will abandon the software. When I purchased the app outright, I did NOT agree to a subscription fee. If it forces the issue, I will find another route. Plus I will file a complaint anywhere and everywhere I can including the better business bureau. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick and tired of being the guy at the short end of the stick due to the greed of companies. If someone does a lot online, they would need a second job just to pay for all of the subscription fees these con artists are inflicting on us. It is beyond ridiculous.

“Getting over it” is the reason these companies get away with this crap. Find another route. Ebay has made it easy enough to do listings that you can abandon software such as garagesale and still make it. Especially if you are selling items that aren’t single listing items. I am FAR from happy about this.

I haven’t done a listing on ebay through the ebay platform since I think 2004 - I’ve used one bulk loader or another - only GS since 2008 when I moved to a Mac…
There would be a bit of a learning curve I’m sure and I really don’t like the way a lot of current listings look - is the lack of design in these listings a restriction or down to something else?

I know exactly what you mean and indeed it was my first thought and probably still is my position.
However I reckon I’ll stick with 7 for now as it is being supported for at least a year - ebay dependent. There’s no restriction and it’s Catalina compliant - for when I do upgrade the OS in a couple of month or so.

And besides, it just works for me.
Although, I only use it to create and maintain listings not to manage them post sale.

GS image service for GTC may not work with 7, after it runs out, and it does not work with 8, only Pro - so I’ll think I’ll go back to ftp or be giving some thought as to how I actually use images in listings.

If we accept the company’s position it seems it’s either this change or it may be GarageSale ceases to exist. I think they have made a mistake and that could still be the case because the $149.99pa pricing is set (for me at least) way too high and they may not get enough sign-ups. I will not be doing so.

It’ll be only be when push come to shove that I will further consider changing to 8 - I’d have already done it if 'the contract" was as before - but equally so I might not ever do it now with this restriction. Maybe - within the lifespan of 7 - I’ll have been able to find the time to explore other options.

GS7 is being supported for at least a year - ebay dependent. There’s no restriction and it’s Catalina compliant.

I don’t know the law but is an imposed-no-option-take-it-or-leave-it change of contract for existing users an issue? Anyone?

Well, as long as they don’t prevent users from using versions previous to 8, they are in the clear. As despicable as it is. Like everything, it’s ALL about the money. They can not legally stop people from using what they already paid for. That would be like a bank showing up to take your car after you paid for it and have the title in your hand. If iwascoding did that, it would be a class action lawsuit in the making.

However, if I had purchased 7 in the past few months with the belief that I would be ok for at least a few updates, I would be VERY ticked off. I would dispute the charge with my credit card company. Things like this really make me have ZERO sympathy for software companies when people pirate their software. I have always paid for garagesale even though it is on every software pirating site out there. If they figure out a way to get around this 50 listing limit, I will download a pirated copy even if I don’t use it. Just out of spite. Lol!

Don’t you think this is the reason that explain why now we all have to pay more with monthly fees instead of unique purchase? Not only about GS, I mean…

No comment!!

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No comment? It looks like you have a pretty long comment there. So I’m confused. But NO, that is not the reason they went subscription. I continue to be shocked by how much people such as yourself can miss the elephant in the room. Quite simply put, if even 10% of current users go the sub route, they will make literally 20 times more money than selling the app outright to the current 100% of users. 20%? Double that and so on. Do the math, it’s not hard. So it doesn’t take a genius to see it is ALL about the money. Just someone with an ounce of discernment and first grade mathematics can figure it out. And complaining about it is like telling an enemy soldier on a battle field to not shoot at you.

All they are seeing right now is the dollar signs. They did the 1st grade math before they decided this and of course EVERY person in the company agreed that it was a great idea. It is no longer about customer service or looking out for your fellow man these days. It is ALL about the money!

I don’t blame you for deleting that comment. I guess you figured out at the last minute that I would answer your question of “do I expect to be paid for my work” with an answer like, that has NOTHING to do with greed and taking advantage of people. They were paid for their work before. Just not enough for their liking obviously.

If you are concerned that they are not being paid enough, you can pay $100 a month or $1 million a month to them for your subscription. That way you can sleep better at night knowing you did your part at putting their children through college. When you start those payments, be sure to include a screen shot here of your receipt so we can all compliment your generosity. I await that screen shot with my breath held. Please hurry before I pass out. I’m already turning blue. LMAO! Please stop with the white knighting folks!

@The_Traveler yes, that would be a looong comment, longer than the time I have to spend for discussing this matter, sorry. I will just reply metaphorically.

I work between 12 and 15 hours a day, and this is not why I am particularly sadist against myself, but because I leave in a country were tax pressure is agains 40 and 60% of your turnover and you have to do always more to cover costs, not to become richer. And do you know why all this? Because a huge % of workers in my country thinks to be more intelligent than those who pay and so they just don’t pay taxes. If we all paid taxes, we all would have to pay less! And maybe we all would be a little richer. But this is theory, I know…

It’s the same the world over!

Yeah, that’s a dramatic story. It has not one thing to do with this situation. But a dramatic story nonetheless. Here, fortunately we got a tax break a couple of years ago. So things have gotten better. If we can the people who want a 70% tax out of office, we will be ok. Lol! And I don’t know your countries issues, but if they are telling you that you’re paying higher taxes because of deadbeats, that is usually only partially correct.

It is due to deadbeats, but usually because of government financed handouts to those who do nothing. Not because of people not paying their taxes, which is easily corrected by a government that wants to correct it. But again, what this has to do with my complaint about a companies greed is beyond me.

The moral is than until people will find shortcuts as you explained to avoid taxes (metaphorically the cost of a service like GS is), we all will have to pay more to cover this lack. It’s quite useless to convince you that any service must have a cost because it costs to be maintained! And if now app developers do such a choice, in general, maybe it’s because maintenance costs are higher (and higher was also the number of people that went with pirated app). I tried to contain myself from replied, but the stuff about downloading a pirated app in order to avoid the cost of a service like GS that works and let you working (and making money), is undoubtedly one of the senseless thing I ever read on this forum…

P.S. Sorry devs for this off topic, I will certainly contain myself from further now!

I understand the simple idea of what you’re saying. It just simply is not valid here. I think I have very plainly laid out how things are. Including the incredibly high profit margin they will gain from doing this. If you think it is any deeper than that, then you are quite naive. They aren’t doing this because of piracy. I don’t know why you’re trying to present that as fact. Piracy doesn’t cause corporate greed. Corporate greed causes piracy. I reiterate what I said previously, if anyone on here is concerned that they aren’t making enough, then feel free to pay MANY times more per month than what they are asking for. Believe me, they WILL gladly accept your over payment.

That way you can sleep better at night knowing you’re making them rich. I know people like yourself enjoy playing the white knight, but it doesn’t make you smart or even honest. It just makes you look naive and stupid. These companies get away with sticking it to small business owners and customers because of people JUST LIKE YOU! If what I said shocks you then you must lead a sheltered life. By the way, do you work for iwascoding or are you just hall monitor type of person? Or just a plain idiot?

Just a plain idiot who pay for a service that let me sustain one employee.

Have a nice day