Import stalls out when import from GS6 to GS7

i just downloaded GS 7.0.9 and tried importing my data from the previous 6 version. The process starts out fine then at the 50-60% mark it just stalls out. I’ve tried it 3 different times waiting once for 3 hours with the blue circle just spinning. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated since i can’t really list with GS 6 due to the non secure http content.


getting a similar thing, and think either GS7 has a memory limit, or an import limit.
regards, Sandy

Were you able to find a solution?

no luck yet.
regards, Sandy

success. well sort of. I got all my auctions over 2,800 (I think but have to check) imported.

will write up the story and make it a new topic. to let everyone know.

regards, Sandy

The import process might take some time so it’s worth a try to let run over night maybe.
Sometimes it helps to clean up the GarageSale 6 database first, e.g. delete unneeded items and emptying the trash bins. This way the GarageSale 7 importer doesn’t have to handle so many items.

If it still doesn’t work, please let us know or contact the GarageSale suppport directly:

Regards, Kristian


i did everything you suggested and deleted a whole bunch of templates and emptied the trash. And restarted the import but the same thing happened. It got to about 50-60% and i get a prompt saying it couldn’t communicate with the server or something like that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am afraid that’s an issue with your system permissions. As far as I know there’s no way around it, unfortunately.
There’s another thing you can do: Export your listings using GarageSale6’s export function (File menu > Export Listings) and import them in GarageSale 7 (File > Import > Import Listings).

Regards, Kristian


its relatively complicated for us to find out why this happens to you. I would recommend two next steps:

  1. Upload your GS6 library to DropBox or some other online space and send us a link.
  2. Open the console app and filter/search all the message by “GarageSale”. Do any messages popup when importing or when the “couldn’t communicate” error appears?


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