Success, finally got all (I hope) imported to GS 7.0.9 here's how

been at it for over 8 hours… finally it seem that I have some success, in that I got what seem all my listing imported from GS 6 individual exported files, to GS 7.0.9… of sorts as the import is all in Alphabetical order ONLY. and I am guessing GS has a memory limit or import number limit.

heres how.

in GS6 first selected all the templates (auctions) by clicking the top most (but could have selected all manuals or shift clicking. etc
2 went to export men and set up a new folder on the desk top to export too

3 opened GS7 and went to import auctions. and opened the folder and then selected everything in that folder. (this was a fortuitous mistake that gave me a though that GS has a memory or ram or disk limit) and started the import.

NOTHING happened for ages (over an hour, except that the computer was almost bricked, in that Photoshop slowed to an crippled pace (so something was happening) and even had to force quite Photoshop.

GS 7.0.9 bombed… but eventually when I restarted it some time later, it had imported all the auctions up to Q… missing everything to Z. (as it doe sit all in alphabetical order, no Hierarchy or folders etc… yeah that sucks big time)

had lunch thinking about it, and came back, and went to the folder and deleted all the individual GS Auction files that GS& had already imported, and went again to the Import menu and again imported all the remaining auction listings…

it did not do it the first time around, but the second time around the rest, all the way down to Z appeared… Buzzing…

so now I have over 2,800 listings in Alphabetical order, no hierarchy and no folder… DAM… I spent months re organising all my stock into named numbered shelves and boxes, and the order that the items were in trays also. all that lost. and also it seem that GS7.0.9 is un aware that some of these are running auctions at this time.

I don’t know how to resolve that yet… but the thinking cap goes back on for now, and will post again if I have success there. Or any clues.??

if you are having the same problem importing to GS 7 I would suggest you do it in batches of 100 to 200 at a time. if ut is a memory/disk think. the reason I say that is I got a Disk space warning from TechTools… even though I had over 180 gig free at the time. and the total exported folder was over 4 gig. (sorry I can’t go back and be more precise as I deleted stuff while coming to that conclusion)

k thing…

anyone else have success doing it in batches, let me know. regards, Sandy
(anyone remember pagemaker 6… when it changed its own internal data layouts it came out with an accessory program that would drag and drop and auto update filer to Page Maker 6.5 format… just a hint. please…)

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