Is there a way to make the auto restarts actually starts and not relists?

Is there a way to make the auto restarts actually starts and not relists? It may be obvious to other folks, but I just realized that the auto restarts are simply relists. eBay has tweaked their search engine again and relists do not help with visibility in searches and I have switched to manual restarts.

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How can I tell if my auto restarts are actually starts and not relists? GS calls them “Automatic Cancellation” and “Automatic Restart” but is there some way you know if they are relists? Ebay changed the counting of watches and views recently so those numbers have dropped by a large number. It would be a simple task to use a smart group to end them manually and restart them instead of using the automatic feature.

A couple of ways to tell. If you have a store with a section configured to “New Listings”, they won’t show up there when relisted, and when you use Automatic Restart, they are not there. Easier way is to go to any of your items and select “see other items” link, then sort by “Newly Listed”. Relisted items are buried with their original date.

I had requested this feature as well but I suspect there may be a limited amount of calls to the Additem vs the Relistitem API. I don’t really know.

I just did a test sample and you are correct. I will turn off the automatic cancel /relist and do it manually and see if there is any effect on views, watchers, sales. Thanks for the heads up

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