Issue with bullet points

Hello, me again. I have been utilizing bullet points in listings, but I’m experiencing problems with some listings - not all, just some of them.

The listings look great when it’s uploaded to eBay. But when I go back to some of them, I see the text is duplicated 1 or more times within the listing. Yikes!

Here is what it looks like:

  • Attribute 1
    Attribute 2
    Attribute 3
    Attribute 4
  • Attribute 1
  • Attribute 2
  • Attribute 3
  • Attribute 4

When I first came across a listing with this issue I thought I was losing my sense of focus. But I’ve been going through all of my live listings (I only have about 250 +/- right now), and thus far I’ve come across several with this issue.

Really strange. Developers, can you look into this? Meanwhile I will be double checking listings when they go live. People that see these listings must think I’m a flake! :grimacing:

Yep I have the same issue

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