Item Condition=Null

Is it possible to add ‘Item Condition=Null’ to the condition list in Smart Groups?

It might already help to create something like this using the “advanced smart group options”:


Setting up the “Condition > Is Not” rule for each condition value available is a bit laborious but fortunate you only need to setup it once.

Ok. Understood.

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How does an advanced smart group option differ from a regular smart group option? Wouldn’t they both in the end give the same results?

Almost works Tristian, however it also captures the ‘Do Not Use’ option which is not in the drop down list either.


Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 8.54.49 pm

Maybe I should have explained why it is important to find the “blank” condition.

In the example below, the Condition=“blank” was converted by eBay(?) to “As New” when 'listed.
A buyer put in a dispute that the sold item was not “As New”, which is fair enough.
The item in question is shown below.


In eBay

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In this case it actually would make no difference, sorry for the confusion. I think I initially wanted to combine “All of the following” with “None of the following”…

I am not aware of a way to reflect this in a smart group, sorry. Is there a category selected in the listings in question? That category might be out-dated.

I have worked out how this happens and it the same issue as reported in:

There are two cases of having to double select that I am aware of. They are shown in the image.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 8.18.57 pm

In the case of “Condition” being NULL, eBay seems to interpret that as “Like New”.

I think I have corrected the few cases where that has happened with the Smart Group.


Are you using the GarageSale 9.2 beta version already?

oops. Still on 9.1.1

Downloaded 9.2 but forgot to install it, I think.


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