Dropdown Menu Glitch

9.1.1 (1480)
I just noticed that when I have multiple auctions selected and I’m trying to change any of the options, the checkboxes work fine but If I try and change something in the dropdown menu… the first time I select what I want, it goes blank. The second time it works fine…
Minor glitch but a glitch and a time sucker if you have to do this a lot.

I think this is a kind of glitch with the Inspector not updating the dropdown menu immediately. If you select a value for the first time and the menu stays blank, the selected value actually has made it in the individual listing. Switching to the “Advanced” tab and back updates the menu.

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Yes I have also noticed this behavior for some time (since back in v.8 I think) when changing the duration of multiple listings. It does in fact work the first time, just not updating immediately in the panel.

The duration popup should be fixed in this version:

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Its still happening unfortunately

Sorry, I only looked at the Duration popup for the last beta.

No problem. It was happening on all the drop downs as far as I could tell. Thank you and merry Christmas!

We took another look at the behavior of some of the popup menus in the inspector. I think we came up with a better behavior in Beta 8. If you have some spare time after the holidays, please give it a try:

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