Item Specifics Not Available

Came across this issue, on some of the listings, item specifics are not available, and there is nothing to be added too. Could you check, please?

P.S I installed the latest update, upgraded the categories, still no effect.

GarageSale caches the suggested specifics for 2 days in the EbaySpecifics directory in its library folder. If you quit GarageSale, deleted that folder, are the correct specifics appearing afterwards?

These are the required steps:

  1. Open GarageSale.
  2. From GarageSale’s Help select “Open Library Folder”
  3. Locate the “EbaySpecifics” directory there and put it into the trash (quit GarageSale first).
  4. Start GarageSale again.

Regards, Kristian

This is the same issue I am having recently…


Please check out the latest beta release. It adds a command to update the suggested attribute to the attributes panel. Maybe this command helps you retrieving the missing specifics.

I updated and I love the add all suggested attributes option, I dreamed about it for months, thank you! However, item specifics are still acting a bit strange - still, when I delete an inactive specific, or another one, all the added ones dissapear. Sometimes, I fill in some new information into the specifics, and after I close, I can see those were not saved. Other times, they are not shown as saved, but when I go once again into the specifics menu, I can see the fields correctly filled, so I am not sure which information will be visible after I upload. Sometimes, some options are saved, some aren’t. Thanks for looking into this!

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We continue to loose filled in specifics, it seems the Save it’s not working properly. I explained in the post above some of the situations, I thought I found a way around the issue - working in the white specifics bar, dragging it to dark pop-up one to save, then trying to delete the excessive ones (because we can have only 25 in our category) and all the work done in the specifics bar is gone. Sometimes we have to fill one listing 2 to 3 times, with that amount of attributes, it’s very hard to keep up editing.

Don’t get me wrong, I would rather quit selling on eBay than to work on their platform, which is lagging more than ever, GS is superb. I hope there will be a solution for those errors soon.
Thanks again for all you do!

One other thing that is waisting a lot of time - when working in the Black Specifics tab (the one that is floating) when adding a single specific, it goes where it is supposed to be, not in the bottom of them all, where it is easy to find. Now, I add one and I spend a serious amount of time reading all the specifics to locate where it is, sometime I even forget what I added. Then for a second one all this is repeating. It was very handy, when working on the old style Item Specifics bar, the new attributes were going on the bottom, and after closing, they were rearranging where there are supposed to be.

Yes, I agree. This behavior was better.


I have also seen this behavior. Will try to get a reproducible case…


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