Item Specifics with multiple values (accessing the array)

Using Books as a category there is an Author attribute (item specifics). If a book has multiple authors, using just attr.value just prints the first one.

Example that prints just the first listed Author:

[[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
<b>Author:</b> [[attr.value]]
[[endforeach attLoop]]

How can I print the whole array of Authors? Also, how would I print just the second Author?

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I would also like to auto pick English as Language, since its a required field. I hate that I have to click and find English. Wish you can just set a preference to English on all media inputs or whatever one wants to auto default to. 99% of our inventory is in English. Again a preference not mandatory since I know not everyone wants English. It would just make things faster. Thanks!

For that, you can most easily use a “stationery” listing, with some of the Attributes already set to defaults saved. Just duplicate that when you want to make a new listing.

Note this isn’t anything special about GarageSale; just create a partial listing and save it, and duplicate that. I keep the basic items in my inventory (“Old Book”, “Modern Book”, “Playbill” and so on) saved in a simple folder/group, and duplicate 20-30 of those when I am creating new listings of that kind of thing. They already have country of origin, category, language and so on set, but not dates or authors.

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A quick way to do this is make a “Master Listing” and save it in your preferences as a check box under “copy all settings from this listing”. Then when you hit “New Ebay listing” OR command N, it automatically gets everything you put in the sample.

At this moment, there is no good way to access single values for attributes with multiple values, but the next beta release will change that.

This is the new syntax for the next beta:

[[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
    [[foreach authorName attr.values valueLoop]]
      <b>Author: [[authorName]]</b> </br>
    [[endforeach valueLoop]]
[[endforeach attLoop]]

Cross you fingers that Apple’s code signing service is working on Advent Sundays.


Version with the [[.values]] keyword is now live:

Very nice! Thank you sir, you guys are the best. From one software developer to another, I really appreciate the support you give.

A releated question… is it possible to add, using this example, a list of Authors using the csv import?

I’m not sure at this moment. How is the author’s list encoded in the csv file? Maybe you can post a short example.

Ebay file exchange did/does it using the pipe character:

Using multiple values in one field: Some fields enable you to enter several values. When doing so,
use the pipe ( | ) character to separate values.

This is from the file exhange docs on page 12:

GS 9.2 Beta 7 might do what you want. Please give it a try and report back:

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Thank you! I will give it a shot this week. :slight_smile:

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