Items Listed with Garage Sale Coming Up Wrong on Ebay

Is anyone having issues listing items with Garage Sale to eBay. I am using the most recent version 6.9.3 and I create a listing on Garage Sale. It lists but when it appears on eBay it shows a completely different item. It shows the title that I created but the picture, description, and details are from a different item that recently sold on eBay. Anyone having this issue and if so know of a fix. Im having the same issue on two separate computers with garage sale installed. It used to work fine

I cannot recall having heard of such a problem before. In case your listing is still online, have you tried to revise it from within GarageSale to show the correct contents?

No I have not. How do you do that. Not sure that would matter though because if every listing i list with garage sale comes up wrong it would be inconvenience to have to edit every one. Would deleting the entire garage sale and starting from scratch work? If so how do i do that

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Still cant use Garage Sale because of this issue. Can you guys please look at the files i sent you and see if you can fix this. Has been like 3 weeks

Im not getting any support with this issue. Its been weeks and I cant use this product. Can someone assist me

We looked at your library, but we cannot say for sure what’s causing this behavior.

The best advice I can give you is to export any templates you want to keep using, rename the ‘GarageSale’ folder in your home directory at Library/Application Support (in case you are using the app store version it’s slightly more complicated) to something else.

Then restart GarageSale with an empty database and import the templates you exported previously.

Hope this helps.

Would just deleting the program completely and startng from scratch work?

Sorry, just deleting the application wouldn’t help at all. You should try what Ilja wrote in his last post.

Regards, Kristian

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Tried that also but No luck

You followed Ilja’s advices and started with an empty GarageSale database?

yes renamed, empty database. Did not need to import any templates so did not but did fresh listing and same issue

Can you document the issue with screenshots and link(s)? Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing here.

Regards, Kristian

What exactly do you want me to screenshot. I went to the library/application suport and renamed the GarageSale folder to GarageSale2 after wiping all templates and starting from scratch. Then created a brand new listing. Sent to ebay and came up wrong again

Here is the ebay listing

Im going to delete it shortly but again wrong picture pops up with wrong listing info other than title

Or maybe explain how i would create a brand new listing that would work. Meaning step by step what do i now need to do to get it to list properly. Ive renamed that filed again but now when i go to relist it wont add the photo in. If you can direct me ill try again

have tried this again with no luck. Can you verify the process for me or is it a lost cause?

A screenshot from what you see in GarageSale so we can compare it with the auction on eBay.
Are you referring to the title in the eBay header or to the item title in the listing design? What title is the wrong one? I guess it’s the title in the design?

I think it’s better to contact me in the GarageSale support directly.

Ill send you a photo of what i see in garage sale. Once i submit it (any listing on my garage sale) it will post on ebay a totally different listing. The only thing that actually takes onto ebay is the title. It removes the proper photo and in place puts an item that has sold in the past along with the product description from that old product.

Its not allowing me to attach screen shot saying image is too big. If you want to send me email address i can forward them but basically whatever i type and add on garage sale changes when i submit the listing to ebay. The only thing that stays intact is the actual product title that appears as the listing title on ebay. Everything else gets replaced with another listing that once sold

Unfortunately, I have no clue what goes wrong on your system. Maybe your GarageSale database is still corrupted because you didn’t make the clean install correctly?

Are you sure you removed the GarageSale folder located in your user library here (the user library is hidden by default!):
Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/