Items sold appear to be still available in eBay

I am experiencing a very strange issue.
Many sold items seem to be still available in eBay, like there were more quantity available ad one sold. GS shows a light green icon (but no count hit next to the icon) and it is possible to invoke “end listing” command from top bar menu. What is really strange is that some items seems to be actually live in eBay. I can find them in “my eBay” under “active listings”, but when I look up for that item in my shop and in eBay I can’t find it because it is actually sold. Moreover again, if I create a smartgroup in GS with “status = active with sales”, those items are showed, but actually they are sold, quantity field is not marked (there is 3 but it is greyed because the field is not marked).
I am a bit worried it might somehow end up with more quantity sold of a unique item. Is there anyone else who is experience this issue? I hope to solve soon this issue.

Thank you

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