Linking database to new upgrade

I’ve just upgraded to 6.9.2 which was easy enough but much to my dismay, my templates, auctions and inventory has not linked up to the new version.
How do I fix this?
I originally purchased Garagesale through App Store and whilst I can see the database in my library, I can’t work out how to link it through.
Please help!

Just use the 6.9.1 release from the App Store.

Version 6.9.2 fixes problems in the built-in license store, which is not included in the App Store version. Apart from this 6.9.1 and 6.9.2 are the same.

I’m getting really frustrated here. I have made it abundantly clear that I have the program up and running - that is not my problem. I worked out earlier today that I needed to get it from the App Store and that worked fine. So, with respect, please stop telling me to download it from App Store. That is done.

My problems is that my templates and my inventory are not linking through.
Is there a way to fix that - Yes or No?

Sorry, seems there has be some cross-posting in different threads. Please see my post here:

I’ll stick with email from now on.

I’ve re-installed from App Store and that seems to have sorted out some of the secondary issues that I was having. I think that the issues stem from my attempt to download from your website. There seems to have been some sort of internal confusion because I think that a Garagesale folder was created in Application Support.

Might I suggest that you specify in your upgrade posts that if the original purchase was through App Store then the user needs to refer back to App Store. Whilst this may seem obvious to you, it is not obvious to me and I’m usually pretty good with that sort of thing.

I have a time machine back up which I will attempt to recover but overall this has been a really unsatisfactory experience. I love the product but I’m not impressed by the stuffing around today.


I don’t ever get the updates/beta versions posted here for that reason. They never gel and I lose all of my info. I just wait a couple of weeks until the newer version shows up as available for download from the app store.

Thanks Deana. That is the most helpful post so far. Do you find that updating from the App Store works seamlessly every time?

Yes. No problems at all from the App Store with losing data for me ever. Hassle free. You just have to wait for it. Once it is out of beta and submitted to Apple there is a waiting period before it is posted for download. This is true of all apps as far as I know. I hope this helps. When I first started GS I thought I should try every beta version immediately and spent a lot of time frustrated and trying to recover data. It took me a while to learn to just leave it alone until it is available at the store.

Thanks Deana. I really feel that GS should have specified this on their upgrade post. How the hell was I meant to know - I just get these urgent posts telling me that I have to upgrade via the attached link due to a critical flaw. What did they expect would happen? They should really have specified that App Store users needed to use the App Store. Sloppy. I’m going to spend all of today recovering my data. What a complete waste of my time.

Have a good day and thanks again.