Listing items already marked as sold

Please, please can GS have an option/preference that prevents already sold items being inadvertently listed again. I have brought this up a few times before without ever really receiving an answer. It is an absolute nightmare, for me, if this happens. I cant see how it will affect anyone else if there is a prefernce YES/NO.


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You get an prompt if you try to start an ended listing, right?
If not, click on “Show All Warnings” in the GarageSale preferences > General in case you once enabled the “Don’t show again” checkbox in that prompt.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Kristian.
Are you asking if I would like a prompt? Maybe. But it would be preferable if it was/wasn’t allowed according to a preference. Once the listing has changed from ‘sold’ to something else it no longer has a relationship to the order AND re listing it becomes an issue. I may not have same item for sale again plus I will not know till someone buys it I then get a black mark from eBay.

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You get an prompt if you try to start an ended listing, right?

Not an ended listing but a SOLD listing.

I get this prompt if I try to start an ended listing:

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If you don’t get this prompt, click on “Show All Warnings” as mentioned in my previous answer.

Not an ENDED listing. It is listings that have already been SOLD.

I was referring to an ended listing that has been sold or not sold. It doesn’t matter, you will still get that prompt.

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I have never seen that message before since I started using GS. Maybe I turned it off years ago. 95% of my listings were ended by GS 6 hours before the GTS expired. There is only small % of my listings that were SOLD. It is this subset that I want to prevent being listed again because that item may have been unique with only the one copy. If these get re-listed and sold I have to cancel the listing and cop the subsequent loss in eBay rating.
If that pop up message applies to ALL stopped listings then it would be impossible to use it with 36,000 items. If it only applied to items that were stopped because they had bee sold, then Yes. It will serve my purpose.
I am not sure if we are actually on the same problem page.

Thanks for your help though.


Do you guys have any solutions for this issue?

Upgraded to MacOS Ventura 13.6

and GS 9.5a1

Auto cancel is still not working without manual intervention.


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